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Alundra Rom Deutsch Download Music

The PS Vita hasn't got a particularly expansive library of titles to choose from at this time, so the recent news that a ready for download onto the handheld is more than welcome addition. All the games are labelled 'classics,' but it might not surprise you to know that there are a fair few duffers in there – but there are a fair few gems amongst them too. It goes without saying that Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, Ridge Racer Type 4 and the Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil, Syphon Filter, Final Fantasy series are all worth playing if you haven't already though – so it's the lesser known titles that we'll focus on here.

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We've listed five specific titles at the end that you should avoid, but also 15 (technically 18, pedants) gems that are ripe for rediscovery through the Vita's luxurious 5-inch screen. With 129 games to choose from we're sure that we may have missed your personal favourite though – so let us know what you'd personally include in the comments section below, 15 Must Have PsOne Gems For Your Vita 1. Alundra (Not currently available) Not currently available (but hopefully will be soon), Alundra has its flaws but is still a hugely underrated 2D action adventure - often likened to The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past. The main draw here are the dungeons you'll face throughout your adventure, each of which throw interesting challenges, puzzles and enemies at you. Arcade Hits: Shienryu (£3.99) It may look a straightforward vertically scrolling shoot 'em up, Shienryu is far better than you might expect, even if it's not as good as its obvious inspiration – the classic Raiden series. There is a plethora of weaponry to try out in the enemy laden stages, but don't expect that to make the game any easier. Bishi Bashi Special (£3.49) A spiritual precursor to Warioware, the Bishi Bashi has you facing short mini-game challenges that usually last no more than a minute and involve only a few button presses. Combine the inconsistent art style combined with the oddball sense of humour and this is a game you won't forget in a hurry. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (£4.79) A dark game – both in its tone and art direction – Legacy of Kain is a hack and slash RPG which puts you in the shoes of a soul gathering vampire. If that description didn't sell the game for you, the fact that it's not just all about mindless action - there are several dimension swapping puzzles to get your head around – should be more than enough to.

Cho Aniki (£3.99) If games were judged purely on how weird they are, then Cho Aniki would probably be in the top ten video games of all time. Loosely described as a side scrolling shoot 'em up, the game subjects you to a constant stream of oddball enemies and surreal imagery, throwing in some homoerotic imagery for good measure. Experiencing Cho Aniki is cheaper than getting drunk, but it may be more harmful for your long term mental health. Bhutacha Honeymoon Movie Free Download here.

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Dezaemon Plus (£3. Key Autodesk Inventor Professional 2013. 99) An interesting make-your-own vertical 2D shooter, Dezaemon Plus is more in-depth than you'd expect. You can tinker and create your own enemy sprites, and even compose your own soundtrack in a Mario Paint style music editor. Fear Effect & Fear Effect: Retro Helix (£1.99 each) Even without the low price tags these cel-shaded third person adventures would come highly recommended. They may have both aged a little in the visuals department, but their combination of Resident Evil style gameplay and Japanese manga sensibilities still feels fresh to this day.

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