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Audjoo has released version 1.0 of Helix, a wave-table-shaping, phase modulation, virtual analog, physical modelling hybrid synthesizer. Unusually high sound quality, massive modulation, creative audio-routing and many built-in effects all make Helix a synth easy to like.

Adobe Caslon Pro Font Wiki. Feb 24, 2012 Free Download Helix Patch Generator 1.0 Alpha - Patch generator for the Audjoo Helix VST synth.

Helix v1.0 features • Your CPUs new best friend — Few synths can match Helix’s features, and even fewer can match the CPU-friendliness. Intel, AMD, and PowerPC. They all love the Helix treatment. • Proud Presets — Helix comes with over 800 presets, from both pro and semi-pro sound designers. The name dropping can wait until later, but you should know that the presets range most styles where electronic instrument might fit. • Super Sound — Inspired by the “super-saw” of the late nineties, Helix takes the unison-sound to the next level and allow you to make any waveform “super”. This makes Helix capable of huge and wide unison pads and leads.

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