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At its core, golf is a sport that is all bout hitting the sweet spot of the ball. And it also happens to be an extremely addictive sport that hits the sweet spot in terms of accessibility, skill and entertainment. Unlike the more physical contact sports and games out there, golf is playable virtually at all ages with minimal risk. And as more and more members of the baby-boomer generation enter their golden years, golf courses and driving ranges are witnessing an increase in the number of senior citizen golfers. There are now numerous training/conditioning courses and specially designed golf clubs all geared towards this key consumer demographic. In the case of golf drivers for seniors, popular products include. A Senior Golf Driver Buying Guide To pick the perfect senior grade be it for yourself or as a gift for a senior relative/friend, you need to understand the basics of why seniors need special equipment to continue enjoying their beloved sport.

Golf maybe a sport that involves a lot artistry, but there is serious science involved in the art of the perfect swing. And as you may very well know, advancing age presents a few unique challenges to maintaining a good swing action. In the next sub-section, we will closely look at this aspect. Why You Need Senior Grade Clubs Golf may not be an exceedingly energy intensive of physical sport when compared to the likes of tennis, squash or contact sport like football, but it still demands quite a bit of strength, flexibility and effort from the body. One of the keys to being a good golfer is having a decent swing speed, And as your body gets older, there is a marked reduction in swing speeds, which can drastically affect your handicap.

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Post the 50 year mark, a good fitness regime and conditioning can keep the effect of old age at bay. But regardless of how careful you are, the ravages of time are bound to manifest in your golf game by the time you hit 70. Ez Macros 5 1 Keygen Music. To mitigate the effects of old age on your swing speed, you may need to combine physical fitness with the right kind of equipment. Factors To be Taken Into Account Golf clubs are not generally designed as one-size fits all products. There are various specifications that come into play when deciding the best golf club for senior players. Weight: as a general rule, clubs with lighter shafts are preferable for senior golfers.

Driver Senior Shaft golf club equipment. golf store offers superior selection, service, and quality for your discount golf club needs. 5 YEARS OF TAYLORMADE GOLF DRIVERS TESTED! 2012-2017 Thanks to the guys at Do you remember your first driver? How did it measure up to the best of all time? Here is our list of the 30 greatest golf drivers ever. BEST SENIOR GOLF DRIVERS. High Speed Ultra Light Driver - Club head adjusts in weight from ultra light 176 grams to 207 grams to accommodate club lengths from 48.

When your swing speeds get lower with age, excess weight in the shaft will further exacerbate your problem. Lighter shafts made of materials like graphite, weighing under 60g, can have a significant positive impact on swing speeds as well as improved accuracy and control. Download Partition Magic Pro 8.05 Crack on this page. Shaft Flex: This determines the how much the shaft of a club can bend when you swing it. Golf clubs tend to be graded into 5 basic categories based on their shaft flex: Extra Stiff (X), Stiff (S), Regular (R), Senior (A) and Ladies (L).

Since the letter S was already taken for the Stiff category, Senior grade has been denoted by “A” (it was the earlier designation for the now obsolete Amateur grade). Shaft flex determines the position of the club-head in the midst of your swing. Drivers Motherboard Asus P4s8l.

If there is a mismatch between your swing speed and shaft flex, then you may not be able to impact the ball with a square club-face, resulting in loss of accuracy and shot power. Senior grade drivers and clubs tend to have more flex to compensate for the lower swing speeds. Loft: when it comes to drivers choosing the right loft is crucial to getting the optimum result out of your swing. The best way to figure out the ideal loft is to figure out your average club-head speeds during the swing. Senior drivers are available with loft angles ranging all the way from 8 to 14 degrees. Here is rough guide to swing speeds and appropriate loft angle: - 60-70mph = 13-15 degrees - 80-90mph = 11-13 degrees - Over 100mph = 9-11 degrees Shaft Length: this is more down to individual preference and experience.

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