Blues Driver 2 Keeley Mod

Distortion & OverdriveKeeley Oxblood Overdrive

The Boss BD-2 Blues Driver is an extremely popular overdrive pedal, set up as a competitor to the TS9 Tubescreamer. The Keeley Mod upgrades all the components. This is the Boss Blues Driver BD-2 Overdrive Pedal modded by Keeley Official BOSS BD-2 Pedal Website.

I'm a newbee to pedal mods (I've actually never done one), I don't understand most of what I read on here as far as the MODs go (I have a Music Degree, I'm not an electrical engineering). I'm really trying to understand what Robert Keeley does to the BD-2 to ' PHAT MOD' this pedal. Baikal Izh 27 Manual Arts. I've heard the Mod and really like it - I'd like to try to do this myself to my existing BD-2 (if I can).

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT MR. KEELEY DOES TO THE BOSS BD-2 TO MAKE IT A 'PHAT MOD' WHAT DOES HE REPLACE, AND HOW CAN I DO THIS MYSELF??? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, I'd love to tackle the 'Keeley Compressor' - I've read that it's basically a ROSS Clone. Unfortunately, the ROSS schematics I've seen don't look like the Keeley pedals I've seen. Does anyone have a 'Trace' of the Keeley Compressor so that I can try to etch my own PCB board (or better yet PERF it out) I'd also love a really good schematic or simple picture of his compressor with all the parts listed so that I can try to copy it. Please feel free to P.M.

Me with this info - Thanks in advance - Cheers... Vom Saal __________________________________________________________________________________________________. Its always good to see new heads around, but frankly we dont do that sort of thing. You know, 'copy and post,' if you will. There are MANY mods to the blues driver, which you can find by either doing a search on google, or right up top where it says 'search.' We have LOTS of compressors to need to clone his, i suggest you buy it. If you dont want to, go to or and make your own.

You dont need a degree to build one, thankfully, and anyone here will be glad to help you. Download Lagu Payung Hitam New Palapa. Good luck, and welcome to the forum! Welcome to the board Ian, Did you check the bottom of his site?

He explains the mod there! C100 Here is where we can affect the tone control. Supergamer Download Linux here.

I prefer a little more lower-midrange and bass frequencies through the tone section. You can increase the lower frequencies by increasing the capacitor value to 0.033uF. Install a switch to add a 0.068uF cap in parallel with this value for the Phat Mode! The Keeley Compressor is really a ROSS Compressor - we have plenty of articles about that in here, so use the search function. Kind regards, Jake. I performed the Keeley mod on my BD-2, and i was impressed but not Blown away, so i made some changes to it to suit my needs.

There are some killer BD-2 mods on here and i used them as guidelines for my own personal mod. The coolest thing about the BD-2 is the 4 diodes, which you can use to do some crazy things, like, adding jumpers or experimenting with different diodes, like LED's, 1N4001's, Different Geranums, etc. I would suggest soldering in sockets so you can play with the diode configurations. Experiment, you will probably find a mod that is better for you in the end. It's all about having fun, and being an individual anyway.

Thanks for all the info I've gotten so far... I'm sure it will all eventually make sense as I attempt some of this - hope I don't fry something (I'm just a guitar player with no intentions of ever making anything for anyone but myself). Since I've never tackled a mod before I'm not real sure how to do some of the mods, how to solder a socket to play with diode configurations, how to solder in a switch for the PHAT MOD, what's meant by 'adding jumpers', or even what any of these parts 'actually do'. I've changed out many a guitar pickup over the years, but as far as this stuff - I'm as beginner and clueless as they come. Thanks again for all the suggestions and help so far - Cheers...

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