Bundy Clarinet Serial Number List

Bundy Clarinet Serial Number ListSelmer Usa Clarinet Serial Numbers

Vintage French BUNDY Professional Grenadilla wood Bb Clarinet Serial number 251. Key plating is excellent, wood is in excellent condition. Made of beautiful red Grenadilla wood. Articulated keys Serial number '251'. Includes Selmer Case as shown in photos. A great playing horn as well as a. Flute serial numbers can be found on the back of the body, or middle joint. They are commonly placed near the foot joint receiver, or near the top of the body, either on the barrel or near the highest key. On the clarinet, serial numbers appear on the back of the body of the instrument, on either side of the socket rings where. Find great deals on eBay for bundy clarinet and vito. New listing VINTAGE BUNDY SELMER RESONITE CLARINET SERIAL No. Serial Number, Year Manufactured. 5,020, 1906 *. 6,610, 1907 *. 7,808, 1908 *. 8,580, 1909 *. 11,250, 1910. 13,685, 1911 *. 15,870, 1912 *. 18,178, 1913 *. 22,860, 1914 *. 25,103, 1915 (Union Label). 28,875, 1916 *. 32,350, 1917 *. 37,540, 1918 *. 46,975, 1919 *. 61,255, 1920. 78,525, 1921 *. 99,275, 1922 *.

A friend gave me his old Bundy that he had played in school band, probably in the early to mid-70s. I remember back in high school me and my Bach-owning buddies looked down on the kids playing 3rd trumpet on Bundys, but I have developed new respect 'cause this horn plays surprisingly well. I know it is student horn and was designed by Vincent Bach, but I am confused about how Bundy trumpets fit into trumpet manufacturing history. Was Bundy at one time an independent trumpet maker and bought out by Selmer like Bach? Also, I would like to date this horn, but the only list of serial numbers I can find for Bundy are combined with Buescher and seems useless for dating this horn. The serial number is 123608.

Engraving on the bell reads: DESIGNED BY VINCENT BACH B U N D Y H. Can anybody steer me to info on the Bundy brand?

The Bundy serial number question is a difficult one, as I would agree the Kirmser ones are relevant to too many. Go to ebay guides-History of the Selmer company, for a good history on the various players. George Bundy was an employee of the American operation of the Selmer (Paris)co and operated the business after the French rep went back to France. He then carried other brands for sale.

Bundy bought out the operation in 28 or so and started building Bundy horns in 1941 for the student market. You might email Conn-Selmer to see if they have an authoritative serial list.

Algebra And Trigonometry Paul A Foerster Classic Edition Fragrances there. Clarinet Repadding Information: Some terse instructions for repadding are, and Hornfixer is selling an instructional video on how to do it on eBay. But they have made free YouTube videos also. See the sub-page on.

Several technicians are offering clarinet reconditioning on eBay. Accoustical information for the clarinet: Miscellaneous Info: This is the on-line blog for Clarinet Magazine. Information, blog posts, interviews with performers, videos. This is just one site where I have found clarinet serial numbers (even for Selmer Signet), information on bore sizes, and answers to questions I don't deal with. More links to beginner's help lessons, serial numbers, fingering charts, clarinet discussion boards, and much more! Artley, Buffet, Selmer (Paris only) serial numbers. There is a ton of information here!

This site has Artley, Leblanc and Vito serial numbers. The “.?” page lists some scant information on strange old brands. Advice for a beginner instrument is.

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