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Byomkesh official poster Genre, Created by Based on by Written by (novels) Sourav Sengupta Joy Dasgupta (screenplay) Directed by Amit Sengupta Gopal Chakraborty Joydeep Mukherjee Creative director(s) Starring Composer(s) Country of origin Original language(s) No. Keil Uvision 4 Download Full Version With Crack. Of seasons 1 Production Producer(s) Rana Sarkar Location(s) Cinematography Kiranmay Bhuiyan Editor(s) Shibu Sarkar Toton Maiti Running time Approx. 43 minutes Release Original network Picture format Original release 20 November 2014 ( 2014-11-20) – 14 November 2015 ( 2015-11-14) External links Website Byomkesh (: ব্যোমকেশ) was a 2014 television series based on the first ever Bengali, created. The series stars, and as, and Satyabati respectively. The series premiered on 20 November 2014 on channel and ended on 14 November 2015. The first episode was narrated. • as Debashish Bhatta • Amrita Chatterjee as Deepa Bhatta • as Anukul Babu • Dwijen Bandyopadhyay as Ashwini Babu • as Bilash Mallick • as Shoiloja/Hina Mullick • as Prafulla Roy • as Sir Digindra Narayan • Arindol Bagchi as Bidhu Babu • as Nandadulal Babu • as Rebecca Lite • Sourav Das as a freedom fighter • Sourav Saha as Sukumar • as Dr.

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