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I am having trouble getting Windows 7 64 bit drivers installed for my Canon XH-A1 and looking for help with locating the proper one(s) or a solution to get me rolling again. Protech Supercharger 702 Manual Dexterity here. I have the XH-A1 hooked up via firewire and the firewire port, the cable itself, etc. Appear to be working fine. No burnt firewire port as it was able to connect to my PC, then it automatically loaded what appears to be the first of two drivers, then it started and nearly completed installing 2nd driver, and windows indicatetd that the 2nd driver installation 'failed'.

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After looking around at both Microsoft's and Canon's website, I found that there may still be a compatibility issue with the XH-A1 and Windows 7 64 bit, and was not able to get any help this way. -Has anyone else had this problem? If so, what was your soultion, if any?

-Is anyone else running W7, 64 bit with their XH-A1? If so, did your drivers load automatically?

Are they W7, 64 bit specific or maybe Vista 64 bit drivers? I understand it may come down to doing a dual boot, but the only other OS I have available is my old Vista 32 bit that I would have to use to do this (oh boy I am cringing at this idea- so much trouble with it and almost gave up and sold everything off as a result) Also, I plan to capture with Cineform's Neo Scene, so if it's necessary to dual boot with vista 32 bit (yuck!), was curious if anybody knows of any trouble with this as well? Hi Peter- It's actually the drivers for the XH-A1 itself, as the firewire connection and such is working fine (just confirmed this evening). Update to original post: This evening, I searched MS website and went through all the hoops, and Canon's as well.


I then went spoke with MS tech support and went through even more attempts at finding and loading a workable driver with no luck. So far, it appears that there is not a driver available yet for the XH-A1 for Windows 7 64 bit, or Vista 64 bit, according to their website and tech support.

I hope and feel I'm wrong since I would think that many people have run either 64 bit OS and happened to have an XH-A1. Just haven't found anything around here yet. Still checking.

My advice for anyone upgrading to 64 bit is look into compatibility via MS website. Sanjeev Chattopadhyay Ebook Readers. The search goes on.

Denon Dcd 1650ar Manual High School. Ken and Michael - thank you for posting this. It gives me TONS of hope! Ken- Strangely, I tried that exact same procedure last night, but it I wasn't able to get the A1 drivers in all the way ('failed install') after turning it back on and Windows tried the automatic driver install. I am going to assume there might be remnants from the failed A1 driver installs, remove them, then verify my 1394 port drivers are running the Legacy Drivers, likely do a reboot at this point, then turn it on and cross my fingers. Thanks again you guys, just knowing you are having luck with it is great news to me! Would love to get driver details from either of you, if you don't mind (like its name, etc). Hi Ken- I believe I do have a restore point just prior to that.

I will look to do a system restore to get back to square one. I will try and find the exact same drivers you list and if I have trouble obtaining them, at least now I can call on MS and ask (beg) them to provide me with these exact ones for manual download if necessary. I very much appreciate your help and will post here immediately after trying.

Hopefully with some good results! PS: What software do you use for capture? Just curious if you might be using something that maybe makes the A1 more 'visible'. I am using a trial version of Cineform Neoscene and couldn't ever 'see' the A1, and it's also invisible in Vegas 9.0 (trial). I have been able to see the A1 in my 'devices and printers' section, but with yellow warning flag that informs of the driver issue, but nowhere else yet. I realize that this may never change until the drivers are properly in place. Just curious.

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