Catalytic Converter Installation Instructions

To prevent a recurrence of emissions-related problems, the following steps should be taken prior to replacing a converter on a vehicle equipped with an OBDII system: • Prior to installation of a new converter, retrieve all PCM (Powertrain Control Module) trouble codes and perform required repair procedures for any stored codes. On some applications, manufacturers may have issued Technical Service Bulletins indicating that re-flash updates of the PCM may be required to resolve emissions problems. • Repair any exhaust system leaks. • Check O2 sensor operation to ensure vehicle is in fuel control. Kaanta Laga Hd Video Download more. • To prevent contamination of a new converter, test the mechanical condition of the engine, including a pressure check of the cooling system. Fostex Full Range Loudspeakers. Small Change Tom Waits Rare.

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This entry was posted on 12/17/2017.