Cprm Decrypter Sony Xperia

I've had my Sony Xperia M now for 2 months and I love it. But today, I was at home cooking and cleaning, when I started noticing that everywhere I went I kept hearing a ticking noise.

I was going crazy trying to figure out where it was coming from until I realized it was my phone! I pulled my phone from my pocket and it was asking me to enter a password to decrypt storage. I've never seen this before, I've never set a password or encrypted anything. I had a pattern unlock set for my screen but that was it.

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Cprm Decrypter Download

Now I'm totally locked out of my phone. I've tried everything, removed the battery, removed the sim, ran the update service, tried to do factory reset, and pc companion won't even recognize my device is connected. Everywhere I go online people say this is impossible, and that the phone is probably stolen. I can prove I'm the original owner no problem, I just want a solution. I live in Italy and they aren't very 'Sony-friendly' here, all the service stores mostly cater to i-phones and Samsungs, so I would have to actually mail my phone to someone to look at, which I really really don't want to do.

Somebody please give me something to work with here because I can't afford the time it's taking me to figure this out. If you didn't enable this by yourself or by accident i suspect it has been enabled by a 3:rd party app or by company policy. If you for example use company email in the phone it's possible for your IT-department to enable encryption in the phone.

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