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Key Generators & Serial Number Schemes. Key Generators & Serial Number Schemes This section will probably be the most popular section of my site seeing as most reversers enjoy the challenge of serial number schemes. With many of these tutorials you'll find source codes to key generators written by me and various other authors, (mostly in ASM) but some in C/Pascal, even my little experiment using Java & Perl:-). Free Download Eclipse Ecl 553 Manual Programs there. You are of course respectfully reminded that stealing these sources and modifying just the authors name and then passing them off as your own work is a pretty lame pastime, as of course is using them to register the software for free.

I shouldn't really need to say this but I will anyhow, to build these source codes into working key generators you'll need an appropriate assembler/compiler/linker. The following list indicates those programs which I have personally tested. Please also note that some of my ASM key generators may contain very specific oversights (I've corrected a few), all of them are tested so far as is possible and are only for illustrative purposes, rather than indicative of good coding style. C Source Codes - Borland C++ v5.0x, v4.5, v4.0, MSVC++ (not tested). ASM Source Codes - (with minor adjustments should work under MASM). Pascal Source Codes - Turbo Pascal v7.0. Common SoftICE BPX's GetDlgItemInt, GetDlgItemTextA, GetTabbedTextExtentA, GetWindowTextA, Hmemcpy (Windows 95/98 only), lstrcmp, lstrlen, memcpy (NT).

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The following table lists all of the tutorials covering serial # validation and key generators, a cross in the appropriate column indicates whether or not source code is available and in what language. The entire key generator source code package can be downloaded (427k, 437,901 bytes), it contains over 200 individual source codes courtesy of many authors, a list of the programs which do not have corresponding tutorials is included in the package. You might like to also download PaRKeR's (114k, 116,872 bytes), another worthy collection of source codes. If you are having trouble writing your own key generators, try (38k, 38.849 bytes) which claims to automate the process, personally I don't think you'll gain anything in the long run using this, then again I find the whole concept of writing hundreds of key generators pretty pointless anyhow, so its your choice:-). * - Instructs how to generate a valid Serial #. Program Name ASM C/C++ Pascal / Other Date X - - 29/09/98 - - - 13/10/98 by flag eRRatum - - X 23/03/99 by ManKind - - X 12/06/00 X - - 14/03/99 by zoltan - X - 05/01/00 X - - 06/07/98 by widYa-cL - X - 03/02/99 by dr_daze - - - Jun.

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