Desktop Icon Separator Software Developer

Desktop Icon Separator Software Developer

While desktop shortcuts come closest to this. Is a separator to separate taskbar icons from each other. Home >Software >Add separators to the Windows taskbar. Desktop Icon Separator Software Download. Even if you opt to use the REG file method, I encourage you to read through the manual steps in case you later decide that.

• Create a simple Python script ( with icon. (see code below) • Put it in ~/bin/ • Create an icon.png and place it in the same directory. • chmod +x ~/bin/ • Launch it. It will appear in launcher. • While is running, set it to keep in launcher (right click on icon in launcher). • Repeat from 1-6, changing the name to etc. • Arrange the icons with drag.

#!/usr/bin/env python import pygtk pygtk.require('2.0') import gtk class HelloWorld: def delete_event(self, widget, event, data=None): return False def destroy(self, widget, data=None): gtk.main_quit() def __init__(self): # create a new window self.window = gtk.Window(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL) self.window.set_icon_from_file('icon.png') self.window.connect('delete_event', self.delete_event) self.window.connect('destroy', self.destroy) # Creates a new button with the label 'Hello World'. Self.button = gtk.Button('Hello World') self.window.add(self.button) def main(self): gtk.main() if __name__ == '__main__': hello = HelloWorld() hello.main().

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