Dot Drug Testing Regulations

Dot Drug Testing Requirements For Cdl Drivers

From comprehensive pre employment drug testing to post-accident drug and alcohol screening, New Era Drug Testing has the tools and insight to support each client’s individualized DOT drug testing program and ensure that every organization remains DOT compliant. Our drug and alcohol screening is performed in a manner consistent with all federal and state regulations, and our experienced staff are well-versed in the drug screening industry’s newest legal developments and technological advancements.

Laboratory testing, specimen collection, hair follicle testing, advanced urine testing, and post-accident testing are among the many services New Era Drug Testing offers, as well as, consulting, and custom solutions tailored to the unique dynamics of each organization. Who Needs To Be DOT Compliant? For organizations that must comply with the Department of Transportation’s provision 49 CFR Part 40 – trucking companies, airlines, public transportation organizations, pipeline workers, U.S. Coast Guard crewmen, and more – New Era Drug Testing is the preferred choice among business owners, government agency managers, and owner operators. Because DOT drug testing regulations can be complicated, we recommend to help you determine exactly what your organization needs to remain compliant. Hand Maiden Kotor Hot there. Download Skin Winamp Keren 3d on this page.

Non Dot Drug Testing Regulations
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