Dvico Fusionhdtv5 Lite Drivers

Dvico Fusionhdtv5 Lite DriversDvico Tvix

Note • There is no guarantee that every frontend driver works out of the box with every card, because of different wiring. • The demodulator chips can be used with a variety of tuner/PLL chips, and not all combinations are supported. Often the demodulator and tuner/PLL chip are inside a metal box for shielding, and the whole metal box has its own part number.

DVIco FusionHDTV DVB-T Digital TV Tuner. This review is of the DVIco FusionHDTV DVB-T digital video terrestrial. Dvico tuner driver; Dvico full software HDTV. DVICO FusionHDTV, Free Download by DVICO.Inc. Converts all type of analog audio/video signals to MPEG1/MPEG2 digital stream.

• Frontends drivers: • dvb_dummy_fe: for testing. DVB-S: • ves1x93: Alps BSRV2 (ves1893 demodulator) and dbox2 (ves1993) • cx24110: Conexant HM1221/HM1811 (cx24110 or cx24106 demod, cx24108 PLL) • grundig_29504-491: Grundig 29504-491 (Philips TDA8083 demodulator), tsa5522 PLL • mt312: Zarlink mt312 or Mitel vp310 demodulator, sl1935 or tsa5059 PLLi, Technisat Sky2Pc with bios Rev. 2.3 • stv0299: Alps BSRU6 (tsa5059 PLL), LG TDQB-S00x (tsa5059 PLL), LG TDQF-S001F (sl1935 PLL), Philips SU1278 (tua6100 PLL), Philips SU1278SH (tsa5059 PLL), Samsung TBMU24112IMB, Technisat Sky2Pc with bios Rev.

Capture Card Features Compatibility* Cnx Price Rating Comments Digital TV DVB-T HDTV Win95? *based on user reports. Iatkos L2 Live 10.7.2 Iso. Column Explanation Click on this for more technical information. New comments= New comments since your last visit. New Card= New Capture Card since your last vist.

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