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(left) and in concert in 2005 Studio albums 12 Live albums 10 Compilation albums 9 Video albums 5 Music videos 22 EPs 8 Singles 30 The of, an English band which formed in 1978, consists of twelve studio albums, ten live albums, nine, eight (EP), and thirty on; and its subsidiaries,,, and;; and Ocean Rain Records, as well as five music VHS/DVDs, and twenty-two music videos. Echo & the Bunnymen's original line-up consisted of vocalist, guitarist and, supplemented by a. By 1980, had joined as the band's drummer, and their debut album,, met with critical acclaim and made the.

Echo And The Bunnymen Discography Rar

Echo And The Bunnymen - Discography. All Countries. Echo And The Bunnymen A: Seven Seas B. An Interview With Ian McCullough Of 'Echo And The Bunneymen'. Wii Mario Kart Pal Download.

Crack Gothic 2 La Notte Del Corvo Sword. Their second album, (1981), again found favour with critics and reached number 10 in the UK. The band's cult status was followed by mainstream success in the mid-1980s, as they scored a hit with the single ', and the attendant album, (1983), which reached number two in the UK. The next release, (1984), regarded as their landmark release, spawned the hit singles ', ' and '. One more studio album, (1987), was released before McCulloch left the band to pursue a solo career in 1988.

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