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User Interface Enhancements The user interface has undergone significant enhancements that help improve productivity and workflow. You can now cut and paste directly in the Project Browser, to quickly re-parent items in the model hierarchy; menus have been improved to logically group Enterprise Architect's many views; the Start page has been redesigned to easily access recent projects, the example model, help files and keyboard accelerators. Other improvements include: • Redesigned Icons in all Toolbars, Lists, Trees and Diagrams • Numerous dialog changes • The Project Status View now includes Project Tasks, Issues and Statistics • Additional menu commands available from the Project Browser • New visual styles • An updated visual style for all tree controls Context Filter and Search Box The all new search box on the diagram toolbar, filters diagram elements as you type. This allows you to find elements with just a few keystrokes.

Enable the filtering mode to get an instant view of the elements directly connected to the current element. Use the Pan and Zoom window to view large diagrams and cycle through each element matching your search criteria. Insert Related Elements The enhanced Insert Related Elements capability improves Impact Analysis - providing flexible filters and a preview of all matching elements. Leverage these new enhancements to automatically create your impact analysis diagrams: • Connect multiple connector and element types instead of one or all • Available Connector and element types are displayed dynamically - according to your search depth and scope • Customize the inclusion of matching elements Modify Selection Handles Element Selection handles can now be re-sized and the color can be altered from the default white, making it easier to select elements on a large diagram or or when using Enterprise Architect on a tablet/mobile device. Diagram Creation via Keyboard Accelerators Rapidly create diagrams using convenient new keyboard accelerators. Create a new element and connector positioned relative to the current item using the new shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Arrow.

Using the left and right arrow will automatically connect to the corresponding Lifeline in a sequence diagram. New Structure Compartments Enterprise Architect 10 supports a new Structure Compartment - for displaying nested elements within the parent element. You can show internal connections between embedded elements as well as links to external elements in a dedicated compartment.

You can even display composite diagrams directly in the parent elements. Textual Overlays on the Relationship Matrix Enterprise Architect 10 introduces the ability to apply Textual Overlays within the Relationship Matrix. The Relationship Matrix can be used to represent Create, Read, Update and Delete operations to better manage relational data models. Suklam Baradharam Remix Song Free Download here. The text overlays can also represent line items, providing optional relationships not previously available. This helps to convey more information in an easy to read and accessible format. Sequence Diagrams Sequence Diagram enhancements improve the management of fragments by preventing messages from being accidentally dragged outside the message boundary.

Other enhancements include: • Messages moving up will now be restricted to immediately below the previous message or fragment boundary • Messages moving down will move to the position specified. Moving messages, fragments or partitions as necessary • Deleting messages will no longer move other messages or fragments • Moving a message will no longer reorder connectors, enter or leave fragments by default • Hold down the Alt key to override the default behavior and make a deliberate change. SysML 1.3 Enterprise Architect 10 introduces extensive improvements and refinements of the SysML technology, including support for the latest SysML 1.3 standard.

The new MDG Technology includes a migration script that allows you to convert from SysML 1.2 models to SysML 1.3. The SysML Namespace compartment can be used to show relationships between elements at a high level. Use tagged values in the FlowProperty to specify the direction (in, out, inout or none). Typed Flow properties whose parent block is added as a port to another block will show the port flow direction based on the direction tagged value of the original flow property. • Datastore added to SysML 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 toolboxes • Quicklinker updated to ensure FlowPort connector is available • Flow Property added to Block Definition toolbox (SysML 1.2) • Option to Sync Composite Internal Block diagrams with their child diagram. Geography Markup Language (GML) - Beta The Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML based standard for encoding geographic information that can describe Feature Types, Data Types, a Code List and other geographic information. Once you have created your GML model, you can generate the GML Application Schema to be used in other third party applications.

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