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Dec 05, 2009 Saxophones Help please, Evette Buffet Crampon. I have just been offered an Evette Buffet Crampon Tenor. Ethics And World Politics Duncan Bell Pdf Converter. Gnx4 Pro Tracks Plus Download. 2017 Cafe Saxophone Ltd Recent Activity.

Evette Saxophone Serial Numbers

Hi all, as some will know I have recently started playing an keilwerth Alto which I have had buried for several years. I have however always fancied a tenor (long story). I have just been offered an Evette Buffet Crampon Tenor, which is s/h. The person selling it is desperate for money, and the owner of the shop who is selling it on her behalf is reasonably well known to me. The price is £190. It appears (and sounds) to be in good condition (it's a few years old and has a few scratches, but nothing of sigificance). Do you think it's worth getting at that price?

Evette Alto Saxophone

Are they reasonable horns? - it doesn't have to be Pro quality just reasonably good enough to produce good sound (haha, not with me playing it!). The lady who owns the shop and is herself a sax player, reckons it's actually worth closer to £300, but the owner is desperate for a quick sell. Any thoughts very welcome Regards woody.

Ah eBay sellers Sometimes they write the darndest things. Take for example, pandoraspithos, who right now has up for auction. Source: pandoraspithos Source: pandoraspithos Source: pandoraspithos Mr. (Ms.?) pandoraspithos, writes the following about this Evette & Schaeffer alto: Vintage 1960s Evette Schaeffer Alto Saxophone MADE IN FRANCE Up for sale is an which Evette Schaeffer Saxophone which i think dates to the 1960s. Program Laporan Keuangan Sederhana Tebet. Very well made instrument and is in very good condition considering its age, it has an couple of small dinks [sic] 😆 but nothing major.

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