Exe Jpg File Binder V2 510

Exe Jpg File Binder V2 510

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Products: EXE Bundle - The EXE Binder Our RSS-FEED V2.0: EXE Bundle - Bundle your applications in one application. Try it today! EXE Bundle (Shareware): Installing EXEBundle bundles application files into a single package and enables you to use it as a file splitter. EXEBundle screen has simple options for joining your executable or source files.

This is useful for installers, embedded drivers, video files, nagscreens, welcome texts, close texts, start animations, screensavers, loaders, system files etc. The ‘Add File(s)’ option in the EXEBundle main screen helps you to add your executable or source files (source files extract, EXE/SCR start direct in memory) that you would like to join. Then, by simply clicking the Bundle option button all the files selected for joining are consolidated into a single file. EXEBundle acts as an exe loader and exe tool as it is so simple that it is just enough to start only one executable file. The compiler executes the executable file started and the rest of the application files get started automatically in the background from the embedded files by the compiler.

Removing files that you have added in the EXEBundle is simply done by using the ‘Remove’ option from the main screen of EXEBundle. EXEBundle can be used to add icon files also in addition to executable and source files. You can use your small icon collection in the EXEBundle with your favorite icon. This can be done by using the option 'Include rt_icon from file' present in EXEBundle’s information main screen. This option proves to be very interesting for coders.

In fact, by installing EXEBundle you can also join DLL files. By doing this, you will not have the possibility of getting the error message 'DLL not found' any more which makes the EXEBundle application a favorite among developers. EXEBundle also acts as compressor as it creates a pure pe32 file that can be protected or compressed with other pe loader and pe tools. In the EXEBundle you can use the test option which helps test the bundled joint application files. Corel Paint Shop Pro Xi Multi Incl Keygenguru here. You can also use all the resources of EXEBundle explained above for applications stored as project.

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