Fn Browning Model 1900 Serial Numbers

'To restore or not restore, that is the question.' The finish on that 100 year old pistol looks to be pretty good. I would leave it be. I once refinished a 1908 Colt (.380) that was rusty and pitted and had doubts about doing that. That said, I am pleased with the results and I think many would have a hard time discerning if it was refinished without a close inspection. I did not chase out all the pitting. Collectors want original finish.

FN Browning Model 1899 and 1900, FN Browning 1903. Download Asplundh Chipper Manual Parts For 2009. I suspect that the High Efficiency was made in very limited numbers just like FN did with the 1903 model. Gale Subwoofer Manuals.

Somewhre I have a copy from a gun magazine about refinishing or restoring. A salty old Colt SAA with plenty of wear tells a certain story. A refinished or restored SAA does not have any story other than it was refinished. Sorry, I didn't look at the photo's close enough. Maya 2013 Crack 64 Bit Download. This is off another site on the web and should give you an idea of the year of production. It's not exact but should help get you close.

Fn Browning 1900 ValueFn Model 1900
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