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Tony Bennett's all-american ball handling and dribbling workout. Dribbling and stationary ball handling drills to become a better ball handler and dribbler. Fitivity gets you better. Looks like you're here to get better dribbling and ball handling skills. This app will teach you how to handle the ball like a professional guards. This app is used by serious basketball players who want to get better control of their dribble. This is the most detailed and comprehensive dribbling program.

Youth Ball Handling Drills

Basketball Shooting & Ball Handling Workouts For Serious Players - Videos With 17 Drills - By This is a high-level ball handling & shooting workout for serious players. It's from the. It was developed by NBA skills trainer Don Kelbick. While there is plenty of dribbling and finishing, this workout puts an emphasis on shooting off the catch, the pull up jump shot, and footwork.

I also recommend reading the intro to each section, so you understand the purpose of the drills. Workout Tips: You can do this workout by yourself. If you have a partner, the shooter rebounds his own shot and passes back to the passer.

Then you switch after one set of repetitions. If you have 3 players, you simply have a rebounder, a passer, and a shooter. Then you switch after each set. I would also recommend using two balls. If you don't have the time or you lack the conditioning to complete the workout, you can segment this into different workouts. You can also remove some of the advanced progressions to make it suitable for youth players.

Part 1 - Ball Handling Warm Up In the first part of the workout, we do a ball handling warm up for a couple of minutes. These drills are done for a combination of reasons including. • Warm up the body. How To Install Windows 95 Using Cd. • Wake up the nerves in your hands and arms to dribble, shoot, and pass better. • Motivate the athlete with variety. • Overload the athlete so game-like ball handling feels easy and you can dribble without thinking.

Corner Dribble - Left. Description Bend your knees and dribble two basketballs at once. Dribble the ball in your left hand high enough to be able to quickly dribble the other ball through your legs from your right hand to your left hand back to your right hand. Points of Emphasis - Keep your eyes up.

- Snap the ball as quickly as you can. - Keep the ball low (at your waist or lower). Run drill for 30 seconds Part 2 - Finishing (Lay Ups) & Dribble Moves In the second part of the workout, we work on some speed lay ups and dribble moves. This is a great way to work on basic lay ups or different finishing moves and improve your dribble moves at the same time. It is also a great conditioner.

It's also a good progression to warm up with change of direction, jumping, and running. If you walk in the gym and start going game speed immediately, your risk of injury increases. Speed Lay Ups Elbow. Description Begin under the basket dribble to the right elbow, plant your foot and pivot back toward the basket. Cross over between your legs and finish with a lay-up. Orbiter 2010 Shuttle Fleet Download here.

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