Gale Subwoofer Manuals

If you can not find a service manual, look for the emitter resistors connected to the outputs. They are usually small value like.22 ohms. There should be one from the emitter of the 2SA3281 and one on the 2SC3281 emitters. These two resistors will connect together at the end opposite the emitter. Delfino Bambaren Pdf File. Ultra Recall Crackers on this page.

Gale Subwoofer Manuals

Owners manuals for Klipsch's wide range of products which serve as valuable user guides and answer your FAQs. Simatic Prosave V10 Download Games. Recently, while using my Energy EW-100 Subwoofer (connected to a VSX-822 A/V receiver), it all of a sudden cut out. The subwoofer itself is still intact (no holes.

Sometimes these resistors will be combined into one 3 legged resistor. If you can find these resistors, then measure the DC voltage across one of the resistors in the channel that was not bad. This is your reference. Then compare this to the same resistor in the channel you repaired.

Here is a simplified diagram. You are looking for RE The other thing you need to check is the DC voltage from the center of these two emitter resistors to ground.

It should be very close to zero. You do not need to replace the other set of transistors. All measurements should be taken with the volume turned all the way down. 126 views 0 helpful votes.

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