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Are you breaking your head to find the Sun/oracle server serial number from Solaris operating system? Many times it is required to get support from hardware vendor and every time we can't go back to look at the server builds books to find it. Here I am just sharing few tips to find the server serial number. How to find computer serial number. The following article will help you to find the computer serial number. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise x64.

There is not -- unless you manually put it into the EEPROM using: Oracle Serial Number in EEPROM (SNEEP) provides a software-accessible Chassis Serial Number (CSN) for all Oracle Solaris hardware platforms. SNEEP uses the system EEPROM for persistent storage of the Chassis Serial Number and other important user-defined data such as asset information, contract ID, or the serial numbers of attached storage devices. The presence of the software-accessible serial number and other service-related information can significantly simplify activities related to system service and asset management. Without SNEEP, only a subset of the Solaris-based hardware platforms have a mechanism to maintain a software-accessible serial number. Among those platforms, there is a wide variety of mechanisms for this, making consistent access to this information difficult. SNEEP provides one simple and consistent interface to the management of this information on all Solaris hosts, domains, and zones. Pablo Alboran Solamente Tu Download Free.

SNEEP can also reference and maintain the serial number in the configuration files for the Oracle Explorer Data Collector. If your hardware includes the serial number in its EEPROM, then you can view it with the following command: sneep -t hostname,serial,model If your hardware does not already store the serial number in EEPROM, then you can use SNEEP to include it. You will need to first obtain the serial number and manually enter it into EEPROM. (my emphasis) On most Sun hardware, the serial number is always located on a physical tag somewhere on the machine.

The Sun System Handbook tells exactly where to find it for all Sun machines. The handbook can be accessed at My Oracle Support (click the Knowledge tab and then select Sun System Handbook in the left-hand navigation).

WARNING: The decimal number reported in the SPARC boot banner as the serial number when the machine is powered on is NOT the true serial number - it is the decimal form of the 'host id'. The host id is ordinarily seen in hexadecimal as the output of the Solaris hostid command.

Hi, One worth trying is 'prtdiag -v'. The simplest general solution is to use sneep. It will find the serial on many machines (see ) and on other machines, it will allow you to save the serial (obtained the hard way) into the eeprom for future reference using sneep or 'eeprom'. The 'serial' reported in the boot prom banner is the hostid in decimal, NOT the machine serial. You can get a recent version of sneep from - - The one referenced in the other posts with download ID 4304155a is very old, and has a bad interaction with Veritas VxVM.

The service tag does include the serial number, but it generally uses sneep to obtain it. Sneep and Service Tag software are both included in the Service Tools Bundle.

Hello, prtdiag -v shows the Serial Number in the last line for newer hardware. I have two T52x0 systems that do. Older Systems don't. You'll get the S/N using the SUN explorer. Run it, go into the directory of the output and then the subdirectory sysconfig.

There should be a file named platform_serial or chassis_serial.out which contains the S/N of the chassis for systems of type V2xx, V4xx and V8xx. Kind Regards, Alois.

Von: Community_Member [mailto:email@removed] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 13. Dezember 2012 11:09 An: Zimmermann Alois Betreff: RE:[solaris-l] Serial Number of the Solaris Server Reply from tztztz on Dec 13 at 5:01 AM Everyone says: 'Install sneep' This is of course a bad idea in a qualified production environment to install anything just to get the serial number. Prtdiag, prtconf or eeprom doesn`t display the serial if nobody put the entry to it.

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