Homeland Defense National Security Patrol Pc Download

Construct, staff and enforce checkpoint gates, holding cells, command centers, medical centers, administrative buildings and more. The security of the nation is in your hands!

* Maintain traffic checkpoints, train sniffer and tracker dogs, and investigate smuggling operations. But are you able to do it all within budget? * Use NEW technology to secure your borders – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Satellite Surveillance, Remote Cameras, Helicopter Patrols and more! * Review your daily briefing to determine which threats pose the most danger to your border.

National Homeland Security ConferenceNational Strategy For Homeland Security

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* Find the rat! Interrogate detainees in hopes to gain information about future plans of smugglers or terrorists crossing the border. * Set an alert level based on the Homeland Security alert levels.

Increase the amount and level of agents patrolling the border at higher risk periods. * Monitor the location of all your agents via the electronic satellite map and reassign any agents to new locations and patrol routes. * Deploy the Guards! Elaborare Il 2 Tempi Facchinelli Pdf Writer. Research new weapons and armor to outfit and arm your guards with top-of-the-line life-saving security. * Apprehend the violators of your nation’s immigration laws. Install fences and electronic sensors to help prevent the unlawful entry of undocumented aliens.

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