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This DIY is only completely applicable for cars with the M370 Intake Manifold and a relocated battery. The Motordyne M370 tees our engine's two PCV lines into one hose run (making it simpler to use a single can), and a relocated battery leaves a nice empty heat-shielded area to mount a relatively large and well-built can. Being in the relatively-cool battery box area has a side benefit: the cooler you keep the catch can, the better it condenses the oil vapors. Download Cs Go Global Offensive there. The catch can I used is. It's made for a C6 vette, but that's really just about the the mounting bracket they ship.

It's a very high quality can (to quote their site: 'The 2.6 inch diameter by 6 inch long body is machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and then anodized'), and it has nice internal baffling to help condense the oil. It's a little bit large for fitting in the edges of our engine bay normally (esp given that you unscrew off the bottom 2/3 of the can to empty), but it fits just fine in an unused battery compartment. All pics were taken after the install was mostly complete. This is the spot where the M370's hoses tee our two PCV lines together in the front. The hose taking off to the right is the factory PCV line to the driver's side valve cover, and the lower left one is the PCV line to the passenger side valve cover. The upper left one goes around to the rear of the manifold in the default M370 setup.

We'll basically be splicing into this upper left line to insert the can, from a hose-connection point of view (actually, you'll probably use the whole original hose to run to the can, and the new hose shipped with the can to run from the can to the rear of the manifold). For mounting the can, you'll want to find the highest and rearmost flat spot on that wall (it has some curves) beneath the hard brakes lines. You want to drill your two holes 5/8' apart center to center. Use a hacksaw to cut off most of the original C6 mounting bracket, leaving behind just the little aluminum piece with the two small bolt holes, and bolt the can to the wall here using the supplied bolts. Before you do any cutting, make sure you've left barely enough room to remove the bottom of the can for dumping oil when installed.

Update: When I was re-doing the hoses for this (after swapping manifolds a few times for dyno comparison), I realized the hose routing would work much better if I swapped the two screw-in fittings on the can opposite from how they shipped them: I also took a hacksaw to the edge plastic for the battery area to make a little opening to route the two hoses through (remove the rubber seal first, you'll want to lay that back over the hoses when you're done): When you're done, you should be able to put the rubber hood seal and battery compartment cover back in place, looking about like this. Have you noticed much buildup?

Id be surprised if there was much on an NA car, but I am curious. Simply Red Men Women Rarely Make History. Cast Lighting Wysiwyg R30 Crack on this page. Well the can's only been on for about 20 miles so far, I'll have a better idea after a few thousand. I know on my previous car/engine (NA LS1), I was dumping about 6oz of oil from the same model of can at every oil change.

One of the things that prompted me to go ahead and put it on this car was that when I did my M370 manifold install, I could see that my PCV hoses had a slick coating of oil inside them that dripped a little when I removed them, the inside surface of the throttle bodies/plates had a semi-liquid black buildup that I presume is mostly from PCV oil, and the metal intake runners on the lower manifold also had a light coating of oil on their walls. It doesn't take much to coat things like that, so again no idea what the long term rate is yet. I'd just rather not have oil in my intake and combustion chambers in general though. I'm about to do a catch can myself. I used to get a tablespoon every 500 miles on my 350. Actually got about the same when it was FI also.

Great write up. I would of wanted to make it more within the engine bay to keep the hoses shorter, even though you had the spare room.

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Could you of only used the hoses from the front of the plenum and then routed to the catch can. Never really seen one that uses the hoses from the rear of the plenum for that don't come from the crankcase.

Could you explain that more? Oh yea, repped. Could you of only used the hoses from the front of the plenum and then routed to the catch can.

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