Hoyt Bow Serial Numbers


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Your serial number can be found on the outside of the riser just above your grip. Note that this is not the SO#, WO#, or WQ# on the limb label. Bow Registration Register your Hoyt bow’s serial number. This is a necessary step to have warranty work performed. Serial Number required.

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Feel free to contribute, as it is a community document. It contains: • • • • Archery Subreddits Related subreddits Additions to the above tables welcome. If this has been posted here before then please disregard, but I haven't noticed posts like it so I though I'd share it with everyone. My house was broken into recently and they got my TV, XBone, prolly about 50 games (XBone, 360, and Wii), and my compound bow (2013 Hoyt Charger Leftie). I called the police to file a report, but to be able to claim anything as stolen to get them from pawn shops and such serial numbers are needed.

Unfortunately I didn't have any of mine recorded and I have even tracked down receipts and they do not have the serial number on them. So I just wanted to put this out there as a PSA. Maybe this is the difference between the English and American attitudes towards the police. My equipment is on their register for my peace of mind, and because I trust them significantly more than I do the local scrotes who my bow will be in the hands of if it gets stolen.

Plus, it means I don't have to dig through my filing cabinet to find the serial numbers, which sod's law says I'll have forgotten to put in there. I can also then go to my home insurance provider, and tell them that the ~£1500 worth of sporting equipment is registered as mine, with serial numbers provided to the police beforehand. It'll make getting a replacement significantly easier. Make sure you have the original record of purchase as well, or the police will still tell you to fuck off. Had my place broken into a few years ago, lost my Wii, games, controllers, and projector- probably 1000 USD value all said and done. Filed a report, gave them serials for everything that had one, but they refused to accept it because I didn't have proof of purchase/ownership. I even found them at a local pawn shop a couple weeks later, and still nothing.

Ultimately there's not much you can do- if the cops don't want to help, they're going to find some self-contradictory reason to get you off their back, and there's nobody else you can turn to so you're shit outta luck.

This entry was posted on 6/1/2018.