Macrium Reflect Server Serial Number

Said by: Thanks Art. My software knew nothing about an upgrade but the download shown here installed fine and I am registered. Most appreciated.Same here. When installing (both desktop and laptop) it asked for the serial number.

Macrium Reflect Server Serial Number

Font Mercedes Serial. Macrium Reflect 7 – One of the best image based backup and disaster recovery solutions software for individual PCs, Workstations and Servers.

Macrium Reflect Free

Then on the next page it asked for the v5 serial number. I installed both over the top of v5. When starting Macrium it starts almost instantly, instead of searching through the HDD's. Options are easier to find and access.

Backup times: A bit quicker on the laptop, about the same on the desktop. I back up to an external HDD which runs about 1/3 the transfer rate than an internal HDD. Haven't tried a restore yet. Said by: For licensed users: Note that when a full version update is released that you then have to either A) keep using the version that you have or B) buy an upgrade license. At least you get a reduced price. Since I have a license for v5 then instead of $70 for a new license, I can upgrade from Reflect v5 Pro to Reflect v6 Pro for $35. I'll stick with v5 for a while.

Quote: If you purchased Macrium Reflect after 1st of November 2014, we are offering a free upgrade to our new version, simply follow the link below and see if you qualify. Major deletion though from the feature set in v6 as compared to v5. Said by: Major deletion though from the feature set in v6 as compared to v5.

I was planning to buy the Macrium Reflect v5 Standard Household 4-License Pack but didn't get around to it. Now they are no longer selling version 5 and I can't find any other vendors who sell Macrium Reflect. This is dumb. Everyone knows that new versions of software are buggy, and one of the last places you want to be using buggy software is when you are making or restoring an image of your entire disk. There is no way that I will purchase the new version 6 at this time.

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