Manual Do Modem Sagemcom F St 2764512790

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Evette Schaeffer Serial Numbers Saxophone Images. I have noticed a number of difference threads in regards to this and also notice no one has been able to get a straight answer in regards to the following questions: 1. Why is a reference manual not provided with the equipment when shipped by optus? Why is there no link available from the optus site to a downloadable version of a reference manual?

Why is there no reference to this specific product on the Vendors (Sagemcom) web site? I have just taken delivery of this modem and install is scheduled for Monday (NBNco) and Tuesday (Optus) next week.

Manual Do Modem Sagemcom F St 2764512790Sagemcom F St 1704n Manual

I would like to be able to have access to a reference manual so that I can set up my home network properly. If a reference manual cannot be provided I would like to know why.

I think the more information they give you the more questions you might ask and I don’t think support is geared to answer questions about the advanced features of the modem. The firmware on many Optus modems are custom and subsequently the manufacturer do not support it. I must say I don’t understand this practice from Optus and I think they should at least provide the documentation for the modem even if they don’t support the advanced features. Edit: The quick start guides can be found on the link below but that’s about it.

Thanks Yeldarb. I did find this link but was hoping for something more detailed and informative. Not really sure how anyone is supposed to see the 'screenshots' that are provided so not really sure why they are provided.

I just think it is pathetic that such a simple thing as a manual cannot be provided with a hardware device. I'll be honest I have been an Optus customer for 15+ years and the level of service seems to be decreasing rapidly. Songs Of Amrit Manthan Serial Of Life Ok there. For the past 2 years I have had major issues with my cable connection to the point that it has been unusable. Now I'm having to switch to the NBN on the assurance that this will be an improvement.

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