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By Scott Conroy with additional reporting by Jessica Goldman and Michelle Singer. Teens don't have to work very hard to be entertained anymore. Rather than trekking to the record store, they can buy their favorite music with a few clicks — and maybe try out something new while they're at it. Reality TV, the preferred genre of many, is always on the air. They don't even have to get up from their chairs to share photographs and gossip with friends. American society has been assigning all-encompassing labels to generations of young people for a long time.

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The tendency to pigeonhole a diverse group of individuals is, in some respects, dishonest — not every Flower Child spent the '60s tiptoeing through tulips, and many members of Generation X surely thought flannel best confined to the realm of the lumberjack. Want to comment on this story?

Mashup 1 4 3 Fix Download FreeMashup 1 4 3 Fix Download Free

Want to see what other readers think? Likewise, not every member of this generation is enamored with technology. But no one would argue that the way America's teens live and play now isn't vastly different from how their parents spent their misspent youths. Music Crystal, 15, listens to Mary J. Blige, Kelly Clarkson and Young Joc.

She doesn't buy CDs anymore: 'I don't need to,' she told 'I have iTunes [Apple's popular online music download store]. Drag And Drop File Download Html5 Videos. ' To get his fix of Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix, Mitch, 16, might sift through his parents' old album collection. Instead, he downloads songs and also accesses his favorite classic rock artists the new old-fashioned way: He buys their CDs.

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