Minolta Rokkor Lens Serial Numbers

Prince Of Persia 2008 Xbox Iso Downloads. Daemon Tools 64 Bit Download Windows 7. And released the following lenses for cameras between 1985 and 2006. While most auto-focus lens designs were new developments, some optical constructions were derived from lenses (as indicated). When Sony took over the system in 2006, 18 lenses were reintroduced as lenses.

Of those, most lenses are optically, mechanically and electrically identical to their Minolta predecessors and differ only in their outer appearance, however, three have seen subtle changes in the optics and electro-mechanics. All Minolta and Konica Minolta A-mount lenses are compatible with Sony A-mount cameras. Up into the mid 1990s, A-mount lenses for the North American market (where the A-mount camera bodies were labelled ) were engraved Maxxum AF rather than just AF (as was used in the rest of the world, including in those regions otherwise using the and labels for the cameras). Although some buyers associated either the Maxxum AF or the AF designation with a higher quality, both types of lenses were built to exactly the same specifications and quality standards in the factory, and were only used to improve trackability and dry out the gray market.

Another term commonly seen in relation to Minolta lenses is the term “Rokkor”. Like many other manufacturers, Minolta employed a separate name for.

MINOLTA CLE with M-ROKKOR 40mm f/2,Grip. Almost like new Minolta CLE Gold with matching Minolta 40mm f2 M-Rokkor lens (serial number 2120087). Minolta and Konica Minolta released the following lenses for Minolta A-mount. Optically similar to the Minolta MC Fish-Eye Rokkor. 7-digit serial number. Bach Invenzione A Due Voci Pdf To Word on this page.

Minolta Rokkor Lens Serial NumbersMinolta Rokkor X 50mm 1.7

They differed only in their name plate and part numbers (????-1?? For AF,????-6?? For Maxxum AF). A similar scheme had been used by Minolta in the 1960s and 1970s with their and lens designations. The Maxxum AF lenses introduced in 1985 originally used a 'crossed XX' font, which was soon dropped by Minolta after a trademark lawsuit with.

List of lenses: Name MPN Lens ID Type Format Mount Filter Distance encoder AF-D support Aberration correction Release date Comments (original revision) 2578-100, 2578-600 25781 Prime 5-pin Built-in (,,, ) No No No 1986 lens; first 600 units used a different barrel construction internally; optically similar to the (a.k.a. ) produced up to 1981 with an optical design originally introduced in 1966/1968. (later revision) 2578-110, 2578-610 25781 Prime 35mm 5-pin Built-in (NORMAL, O56,, B12) No No No?

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