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Quote: the engine has a serial number stamped in the block, on the side nearest the radiator. Looking at the engine from the front of the car, it will be on the left hand side of the block, close to the head. I always thought this was a requirement also. The serial number can be tracked to the VIN number to check for stolen engines, but the VIN isn't stamped into the block. Ok,,,i see,,,but how do i verify if the enigne is stolen or not?

Reply: Ski in NC: 02-Oct-11: Any tag on the turbo? J Cole Album Download Sharebeast. Most turbos have the manufacturer´s model and serial number affixed directly on the turbo. The model type A and the engine serial. B are given in the engine identifica- tion plate. The engine identification plate is mounted to the crankcase at left of the lube filters and in the air cowling. The serial No. Is also stamped into the crankcase at the flange for mounting the oil filters. April 2009 Engine Serial Number Locations by Engine Model Small Bore & Large Bore Diesel.

Cause im about to buy used engine from some evo owner,,,,,,,i just wanna make sure i dont wanna be in trouble,,,,,,,,OR is it safe to buy used engine from vendor, company??? Nope - it's not stamped on the block. Ramblings On Realbasic Ebook. & as far as possessing a stolen block - it's a felony so they take you away with it actually they don't, cuz they don't know that you stole it, you could say it was in the car when you bought it.

Unless of course your car was new. I only know cuz i heard a story when i was at work once. This guy sayin' he had a civic si and he knew so many people that stole cars. He got a motor for cheap and all this other stuff. But he got a ref only ticket and the ref confescated all his stolen goods.

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