Norinco 1911 Serial Number Search

Norinco 1911 Serial Number Search

I nabbed 4 Norinco 1911s in 1993 for $189.00 apiece and have no regrets at all. One mounts my Kimber.22 conversion, another was a 'project' gun as I learned to smith the 1911 (Yes, it works ) and two are stock except for Hogue wood grips. Yes, the slide to frame fit is a bit loose, the finish isn't perfect, the stock sights are a challenge for my 50-year-old eyes, but I can't think of a better $200 pistol in my collection.

I have a safe full of.45 ACP pistols (if you're a burglar, I really don't) and the Norincos go to the range as often as the others. 8) Steve, did you have the barrel radiused?

(note there were no Norinco ads in the magazine) The test pistol was blued and not Parkerized(tm) as were many of the pistols imported into the US. On the left side of the slide, from the front, CSI ONT CA MADE IN CHINA BY NORINCO and the serial number, 100052. The CSI markings appear to have. Mar 17, 2007 My Springfield 1911-A1 has a serial number. Advanced Search. We have a 'sticky' at the top of this forum that talks about Springfield's serial numbers. Key: Pictures Fixed Price Reserve BuyNow! Featured Item QuickLook. Learn how to find your firearm's serial number. The serial number will tell you your firearm's. Installation Of Sql Server 2008 In Windows 7.

None of my Norincos will feed the 200 grain LSWC reliably.

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