Norinco Jw 14 Manuals

If you are talking about the bolt-action.22lr, I bought one for my nephew for his birthday awhile back. It seems to shoot well, (I put a 4X scope on it for him) and feed well. The problem came when I went to look for an extra magazine for it. The best price I could find was $32.00. In retrospect I would have. Model M-201C a civilian version of the Type 54 also chambered in 9×19mm with the addition of a manual safety like FEG. JW-14, semi automatic.22 hunting.

Norinco Jw-14 Manual

Norinco JW-14 Semi-Auto 22LR Rifle Instruction Manual 5.6mm (.22”) Sporting Rifle Instructions for Operation • Uses The rifle is an ideal firearm used for hunting and sporting. Feature The metal parts of the rifle are made of fine-quality steels and properly heat treated. All exposed metal surfaces are carefully polished. Also, some advanced techniques are employed in the stock manufacture.

Norinco Jw 14 Manuals

Since the rifle is provided with the bolt blowback-operated and inertia looked, trigger with firing pin parallel moved, and safety device of trigger, ensure it reliable and safe. The rifle has the advantages of high accuracy, attractive appearance, compact construction, easy operation and maintenance. Principle Technical Data Calibre 5.45mm (.22) Muzzle Velocity 330m/s Sight Radius 445mm Barrel Length 528mm Rifling 6(RH) 350mm Magazine Capacity 25 rounds Trigger Pull 10 – 25N Dimension LxWxH 1020x60x190 Overall Weight 2.8kg Accuracy Dispersion diameter for 4 rounds less than 70mm at range of 50m. Round 5.6mm sporting rifle rounds • Procedure • Uses of Rear Sight There are scafe marke and firgures on the rear sight indicating shooting distance from 25 to 200m. It can be adjusted according to shooting distance. Mary J Blige Doubt Mp3 Download.

The method is: moving the vernier to the proper position by pressing the vernier holder. With thumb of right hand. Operating procedure Remove the magazine from the rifle by pressing the magazine catch rearward with index finger of right hand. Load the magazine with rounds until the magazine is filled up. Insert the charged magazine into the magazine housing of the receiver until the magazine is locked by the magazine catch.

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