Patch Chrono Trigger Ds Endings

Patch Chrono Trigger Ds Endings

However, you do get an extra ending that's supposed to tie things better into Chrono Cross, if you're interested in playing that one as well. The SNES version has two advantages of its own. First off, if you decide to download it as a ROM, it's completely free. (of course, if you're using a DS flash card, then that. Chrono Trigger DS features a new ending that can be accessed from the End of Time upon completion of the final extra dungeon and optional final boss.

Chrono Trigger Endings Site Navigation • • Shrine Navigation • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Endings Ah, Endings. They give games life. What a great advent for the gaming community. Sure, Pac-Man can be fun, but is it really fun to just keep playing until the game simply crashes on you?

Chrono Trigger Pc Version

Download Filmul Eu Cand Vreau Sa Fluier Fluier Torrentino. We, as a society, yearn for closure, and the endings provided in the games give us satisfaction, and they allow us to reflect back on our accomplishment, and realize that we have become the masters of our domain. We have taken this untamed beast of a game, and completed it, and the ending for the game is our great reward.

Often, games may disappoint with their endings. A simple showing of the credits and little else (or that stupid 'That's Benjamin, you nut!' Line in FF: Mystic Quest). Ambarsariya Fukrey Mp3 Free Download 320kbps. Luckily for us, Chrono Trigger features a multitude of endings for our greedy selves.

So I will list out all of the endings, as well as allow you to download each and every one for your Zsnes viewing pleasure. * To make the save states work, change the name of the file to whatever the name of your ROM is. So if your rom is Chrono.smc, change the file name to Chrono.zst. Divx Codec No Sound Mkv File. If you want to just download all the endings in one zip file, click. #1-THE DREAM TEAM To get this much fabled ending, start a New Game +, and when you get to Lucca's Teleportation thingamabobber, enter the right telepod and fight Lavos.

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