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David wakes to the sun every morning; it never fails. The second the sky begins to fade to a soft blue as the sun peeks out from behind the trees, he’s up. And, today is no different. Consciousness is pulling him from sleep as day comes to life from behind his dusty window; he can sense the faint light from behind closed eyes, yet, there’s something else. A sharp, pulsing thump pushes behind his eyes and up across his forehead.

Patch Obscure 2 Italiano Song

It’s, well, it’s uncomfortable, if he’s to be frank. It’s making his head feel heavy, as if filled to the brim with weights, yet when he cracks his eyes open, everything appears light, almost airy, as if he’s seconds away from floating toward his wooden ceiling. A spike of worry dances across his veins as he slowly moves into a sitting position with one hand pressed against his forehead. Just the small action of sitting up leaves the entire room spinning enough that he has to physically concentrate on keeping himself upright. Underneath his palm, his skin is hot and sticky, but he chases away any ideas of a fever with the obvious thought that he’s merely hot because it’s summer and his ceiling can only spin on the lowest setting without jerking around as if about to fall off. He swings his legs over the bed and stands, and for a moment, everything blurs to grey. He squeezes his eyes shut and blindly reaches out toward his nightstand to keep himself upright as he waits for this rather unfortunate wave of dizziness to pass.

Still, he pegs it on standing up too fast; sometimes his muscles wake up faster than his mind. This is one of those cases, he tells himself. That’s all it is. I absolutely agree with the headcanons I’ve seen floating around about Yuuri being overall better at English than Viktor. Headhunterz The Sacrifice Album Download more. He’s got a more rounded grasp of the language and its subtleties due to his time living in Detroit. Bose Cinemate Gs Series Ii Universal Remote Control Manual.

But he and Viktor still have their specific areas of linguistic expertise that developed as a result of their respective lifestyles. For example, Viktor is an expert on all things romance thanks to consuming the complete oeuvre of Nicholas Sparks during his many hours spent waiting around in airports. You can only read so many pulp novels before you start to believe that remarking on the metaphorical resonances of a person’s collarbone to jaw ratio is just natural flirting tactic for English speakers. Yuuri will often wonder while flipping through his English to Japanese dictionary where Viktor picked up the nuances of meteorological lingo and how it applies to the various functions of the heart (“Love is like the wind, Yuuri, and my pulse is a tornado whenever I’m near you.”), though he doesn’t get up the nerve to ask until months later when he is drunk and mentally exhausted from trying to work out whatever the hell “quivering” means. “A misunderstanding,” Viktor will claim years later, when Chris is teasing him for an old love note found while digging around Yuuri and Viktor’s cabinets for a wine glass, “I’m much less demonstrative in Russian.” (a blatant lie.

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