Русификатор European Bus Simulator

Description: Map of Russia (29 cities) and Belarus (13 cities). New in v 1.6: - New cities: Vyborg, Tula, Kursk, Orel, Voronezh - New roads:?2,?4,?20,?123,?39,?132,?141,?144 - Rebuilding cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaluga, Bryansk, Luga - Added new prefabs, models and companies - Full compatibility ProMods map: added new roads: Saint-Petersburg - Helsinki, St Petersburg - Tallinn, Riga - Pskov. - Full compatibility game version 1.22 - Compatibility maps: ProMods 2.0, MHAPro map EU 2.2.1, TSM 6.2. More info please read Readme file.

Русификатор European Bus SimulatorBus Simulator 2017 Free Download

Supported versions of the game: 1.22.x + DLC Going East! + DLC 'Scandinavia' Credits: aldimtor,Gricko,mario1961.

Drive a real bus in Euro Bus Simulator 3D! Become a Euro bus driver. Visit Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy! Find passengers and transport them to bus stops. Upgrade your bus for better driving. Fix and refuel a European bus at service stations. Avoid to drive passengers badly, they'll be angry and don't give.

RUS MAP V1.12.1 for ETS2 Compatibility with other maps: The order of the files in the mod Folder. MHA map EU 1.5.1 by MsHeavyAlex + RusMap v1.3.5 ProMods v.1.71 + RusMap v1.3.5 ProMods v.1.71 + Poland Rebuilding v.1.70 + RusMap v1.3.5 Truck Sim Map 5.1.2 + RusMap v1.3.5 Attention: RusMap + TSM_Map_terrain_FIX connect in profile only on the territory of Russia and Belarus.

Use only with maps RusMap + TSM. On the territory of the EU and North Africa, it is recommended to disable. With other cards have not been tested. Etka 7 4 Keygen Download Safe.

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