Sapphire Infusion Pump Service Manual

Sapphire Infusion Pump Service ManualSapphire Acute Care

Instructions for Sapphire Pump. 2 When you receive the pump, it is. Always review the program before starting the infusion. Chicago Public Schools Gifted Programs Testing Center here. You do this by turning on the pump. Hospira - Q Core Sapphire Infusion SystemSapphire is the first touch screen ambulatory infusion pump platform available for use in hospital, ambulatory and home. Hospira reps stated you must be level I training in order to perform their preventative maintenance, does anyone have their PM procedure and service code?

The Sapphire platform can be used in acute care settings or in home care settings. It is a lightweight infusion system packed with advanced functions and technologies, including a colored touchscreen for fast, efficient programming, updateable software via computer connection; and a number of infusion modes for all intended uses, simplifying patient care across varied clinical areas. The Sapphire platform is already used in Europe and Canada. It is a vital addition to Hospira’s modernized U.S. Device portfolio.

Hospira’s Gemstar ambulatory pumps will be retired and replaced by the Sapphire infusion system. This shift had been indicated in early 2013 as the company announced their future global device strategy. Rich Nevin, Vice president of Hospira’s Medication Management Systems said that the launch of the Sapphire system in the U.S.

Shows their commitment to improving medication delivery. He adds that this step strengthens the breadth of their medication management business. 'The Sapphire system was developed to easily adapt to changing clinical needs and allows Hospira to provide clinicians with the most up-to-date device technology,' he says. January marked the beginning of Hospira’s international distribution agreement for the Sapphire infusion system with Q Core Medical. The company continues to strive for innovation and growth—Hospira supports the continued progress of device remediation, including efforts for the improvement of device quality and standards. Ensuring proper maintenance and servicing of infusion pump systems also adds to the safety and quality of patient care. AIV offers parts and services for most leading infusion pumps in the market, including Abbott/Hospira Infusion Pumps.

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Hospira’s technical service manuals not only provide repair and troubleshooting information but include cleaning guidelines, basic theory of operation, specifications, assembly drawings and more. The manuals accessible on this page are intended for use by United States residents only. For additional information, please contact the. Note: Please verify the infusion device list number on the barcode label (located on the device rear case) to ensure proper manual is downloaded. For assistance identifying Hospira MedNet™ versions, please contact your Hospira Sales Representative. Request a print copy or contact the.

Device List Number Product Version (SW, WLAN) Manual Part Number Revision Date 3 9 Plum A+™ Infusion System, including Veterinary (non-wireless) SW v11.6 430-95150-0 1 2 Plum A+™ Infusion System with Hospira MedNet™ (wireless) SW v13.x 430-95551-0 8 Plum A+™ 3 Infusion System (non-wireless) ALL 430-95424-0 20678 Plum A+™ 3 with Hospira MedNet™ ALL 430-95552-0 Plum A+™ manuals are not available for download. Request a print copy or contact the. Device List Number Product Version (SW, WLAN) Manual Part Number Revision Date 1 Plum 360™ Infuser compatible with Hospira MedNet™ Software ALL 430-97316-0 Plum 360 manuals are not available for download. Request a print copy or contact the. Hospira high-performance infusion pumps make it easy for you to deliver exceptional patient safety and care. Our focused portfolio features proven, innovative smart pump and pain management technology designed to help meet your clinical safety and workflow goals. The powerful helps to reduce medication errors and raise the bar for your medication management system.

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