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• • Website Members • • • Steve Lewinson • Kenji Suzuki • Kevin Robinson • Dave Clayton • Roman Roth Past members • Simply Red are a British and band which formed in 1985 in. The lead singer of the band was the singer and songwriter, who, by the time the band was disbanded in 2010, was the only original member left. Since the release of their debut studio album (1985), they have had ten songs reach top 10 in the, including ' and ', both of which reached number one on the US. They have had five number one albums in the UK, with their 1991 album,, one of the in UK chart history. At the 1992 and 1993, they received the award for Best British Group. They received three nominations: for in 1987, and 'Holding Back the Years' and 'If You Don't Know Me by Now' for.

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The band re-formed in 2015. Hoyt Bow Serial Numbers more. Simply Red have sold over 50 million records worldwide. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • History [ ] Beginnings: The Frantic Elevators (1977–1984) [ ] Simply Red's origination dates from a 1976 gig at the in,. Manchester art student Mick Hucknall was one of the few young music fans present, along with of as well as original members of the bands, and. Der Richtige Dreh Keith Code Pdf.

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The first incarnation of the band was a group called The Frantic Elevators, whose seven-year run produced limited releases on local labels and ended in 1984 upon critical acclaim for their final single, '. Formation and early success (1985–1988) [ ] After the demise of The Frantic Elevators, Hucknall linked up with manager Elliot Rashman. By early 1985, Hucknall and Rashman had assembled a band of local session musicians and begun to attract record company attention. The group adopted the name 'Red' (after Hucknall's nickname, denoting his hair colour) but then Hucknall decided it would sound better with the addition of the word 'Simply'. The band's name is also linked to Hucknall's allegiance to being a supporter of, as the club's home shirt colour is.

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