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Tom Waits is unlike any other working artist today. With equal parts vaudeville, blues, jazz, industrial, and experimental, Waits has made a body of work that spans nearly four decades and seventeen studio albums, with a slew of fantastic live albums to mention as well. He’s been covered by everyone from Bruce Springsteen and the Eagles to Rod Stewart, all the while maintaining his staunch personal mystique - part beat-poet-crooner, part bastardized Americana survivor, stalking the streets alongside the gin-soaked characters in his songs.

So it’s no surprise that a walk through his catalogue is a journey certainly worth partaking in. For the otherwise uninitiated, a foray into the immense discography of Tom Waits is a daunting task. Where does one begin?

What period of his music is the best to listen to first, in order to best grasp the essence of the artist? Which of his seventeen albums contain the most interesting songs, but aren’t so far into the stratosphere of weirdness that they become tough to digest?

After all, through his career Waits has made his way through a number of genres and styles, with guest musicians ranging from Les Claypool of Primus to Keith Richards to Carla Kihlstedt of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Below are ten fantastic Tom Waits albums to get you started on his immense body of work.

(1978) Opening with a beautiful, sweeping rendition of “Somewhere” (from West Side Story fame), Blue Valentine finds Tom Waits at a bit of a middle point in his career; his past jazz and blues influences are clearly present in his songwriting, and yet the album sees a larger usage of electric guitar, with a wider range of sounds and arrangements than had ever been used on a Waits album. There are string-filled, heart-wrenching ballads such as “Kentucky Avenue” and the opening track; there are jazzy, bluesy songs such as “Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis” and the title track; and there are the smoke-filled, swagger-fueled numbers of “Romeo Is Bleeding,” “Whistlin’ Past The Graveyard,” and “Wrong Side of the Road.” This is an album that, finding Tom Waits on the verge of a musical transformation of sorts, has a little something for everyone, and is an excellent introduction to the sleazy places and seedy characters that would become paramount to Waits’ songwriting. Download Rick Ross Trilla Rar.

Fineprint V9 Incl Keymaker Rar Download Free. If you want your Tom Waits vinyl with the strange factor cranked, then this is the record for you. Originally created as the soundtrack for the play of the same name (directed by Robert Wilson, with whom Waits would collaborate many more times in the future), The Black Rider is a front-seat pass into a fun-house from hell, a circus seen through the eyes of madness. There are, of course, moments of quiet throughout the show - the somber “November,” and the sweet, drunken “I’ll Shoot The Moon” - but this is Tom Waits at full-tilt-back-alley-salesman mode, his gravelly delivery creating its own delightfully vibrant character against the rattling instrumentals throughout. Such songs as “The Black Rider,” “Just The Right Bullets,” and “Carnival” benefit greatly from the vinyl release; with the medium’s audio quality, you can almost feel the crackling of energy as the strange and captivating noises emanate from your record player.

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