Songs Of Amrit Manthan Serial Of Life Ok

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Viewers of Rajan Shahi's Amrit Manthan on Life OK has already witnessed enough drama on the show but the makers don't fail to amuse the audiences every single day. And the upcoming episodes of the show promises to provide high end drama as Amrit (Adaa Khan) plans to kill Natasha. The actor of the show Navi Bhanghu (Agam), Ankita Sharma (Natasha) and Adaa Khan (Amrit) recently shot an interesting sequence. Amrit, who dislikes Natasha, has been eyeing a chance to hurt Nimrit. Amrit finally gets an opportunity to fulfill her long desired wish wherein she pushes Nimrit into the swimming pool and leaves her to drown. However, in the nick of time Agam arrives and saves her. Audi A3 8l Sam Naprawiam Samochod Pdf Viewer.

Songs Of Amrit Manthan Serial Of Life Ok

The upcoming episodes of Amrit Manthan on Star Plus promises to provide high end drama as Amrit (Adaa Khan) plans to kill Natasha. Gurujan Classic Movie Amrit Manthan Full Video Song. Amrit Manthan 2. Life Ok show 'Amrit Manthan' Actors Dimple Jhangiani and Karan Mehra dance for an episode. Parul Chauhan on the sets of Amrit Manthan for Mehendi Ceremony of Amrit Manthan. AMRIT MANTHAN SERIAL REAL. Home » Full Mp3 Song » Indian Tv Serial Mp3 Songs » Life OK » Amrit Manthan Collection Of Bollywood Mp3. New Bollywood Mp3 2018 Latest Bollywood Mp3 Songs 2017 Bollywood Mp3 Songs 2016 Bollywood Movie Songs 2015 Bollywood Movie Mp3 Songs 2014 Bollywood Movie Mp3 Songs.

Of Amrit Manthan' Created by Written by Directed by Country of origin Original language(s) No. Of seasons 1 Production Producer(s) Rajan Shahi Location(s) Editor(s) Sameer Gandhi Running time 22 minutes Production company(s) Release Original network Original release 26 February 2012 – 2 August 2013 External links Website Amrit Manthan (English: The Changes of Amrit) is an television, which premiered on 26 February 2012 and ran through 2 August 2013.

A daily program, it is the story of two sisters who become each other's enemies. This show is now rebroadcast as Bairi Behna in Star Utsav. Contents • • • • Plot summary [ ] Amrit Manthan is the story of two sisters Amrit and Nimrit. Starting off as best friends, fate leads them to turn into enemies. Nimrit survives Amrit's attempt to kill her but her face is ruined and changed by plastic surgery and she returns as Natasha Oberoi to seize everything that Amrit has taken from her. A lookalike of Nimrit (later revealed to be her long lost twin) comes to town named Shivangi who helps Nimrit in her battle against Amrit and succeeds. Shivani then marries Tej and has a daughter called JoJo.

After a series of events, Nimrit thinks that her husband, Agam and Amrit have died, but they had survived. Shivangi has left Tej and JoJo. Amrit once again returns to ruin her sister's and Agam's life. Later, Amrit wants Gurbani, Nimrit and Agam's daughter to rebel against Nimrit. The plan fails and later Amrit and Nimrit have put their dark past behind them and Amrit has realised her mistake. Bani adores her Amrit maasi and her mother.

Agam gets killed by a new character Angad/Karan due to a misunderstanding. Amrit and Tej decide to get married. Angad forcefully marries Nimrit but later Nimrit accepts him after the misunderstanding is cleared and the show end with a happy ending. Cast [ ] • as Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Sodhi / Amrit Tej Malik / Rajjo.

• as Nimrit Agam Malik(after plastic surgery)/ Nimrit Angad Malik • as Rajkumari Nimrit Kaur Sodhi / Nimrit Agam Malik (before plastic surgery) / Shivangi Kaur Sodhi / Shivangi Tej Malik (twin sister of nimrit) • as Agam Mahinder Malik / Agam Sehgal • as Tej Malik • as Angad Malik / Karan Chabiara • as Yug Mehra • S.P Lalwani as Mahinder Malik • as Bhupinder Singh and Pritam Bakshi • as Gurbani Agam Malik / Bani • as Jyoti Tej Malik • as Vishal Sehgal • as Indu Chabiara • Soni Chabiara as Indu Daughter External links [ ] • References [ ].

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