Sony Net Md Walkman Mz-n510 Software

Works perfectly with my MZ-N510 on Windows 7 Ultimate. I have Sony MD Walkman MZ-N505 Thanks October 15. NET MD WİNDOWS 7 USB DRIVER. Where can i get drivers for my Sony NET MD WALKMAN MZ N510 TYPE S. I am sick of windows domination of the software market and every release of windows brings.

It's been two months, and nothing further in regards to updating SonicStage so that it will run on the newer versions of Windows. Has a final decision been made to support it, or not?

A 'not' answer leaves everyone in the world that bought your PC-compatable MiniDisc recorders out in the cold. Not a good decision for Sony. Come on Sony, you failed us in not making MDs PC-compatible soon enough, and as a result, you lost the market, even though you had the hands-down best-ever consumer music format. And now you're going to leave everyone that did support Sony out in the cold?

Sony Net Md Walkman Mz-n510 Type-s SoftwareSony Minidisc Walkman

Are you kidding me? This device came out around 2006.

At that time Windows XP was the only OS. Run Vbs File From Cmd Tricks here. In early 2007 Windows Vista came out and Sony updated Sonic Stage to support Vista. Since then Windows 7 and Windows 8 came out. You really expect any brand out there to keep updating their software to support every new operating system that comes out over the next 7 years? I am curious where you would draw the line and say a company no longer has to update software.

If you spent less time posting these rants you would do some research on how to run a virtual Windows XP on your Win 8 machine and continue to use your Walkman. Hi TrekWars, I find myself in the same position as Jernoff.

I have 2 NW-E507 devices, which due to small size and long battery life are superior for use on long flights and staying in places with limited electricity. In fact, I bought the second one used after extensive research found no device which I found as useful. And, yes, I do expect a hardware vendor to provide software updates for functional hardware. In this case, the ONLY reason that a software update is required is that Sony chose to limit the device to using Sonic Stage to install music. I can copy any files to the device on Windows 8 but cannot make it play. This was a design decision/defect made by Sony. It would probably be not very difficult for them to supply software or some fix to allow these devices to play mp3s copied directly.

This would be the honorable thing to do since they decided to end support for Sonic Stage. Meanwhile, I have been thinkinf of buying an old PC just to support these devices but your comment suggests I can run an XP simulator under Windows 8. I will try to research that although I am really just a moderately skilled user of Windows, by no means an expert.

Hi MegNYC, (and a note for TrekWars at the bottom) First I've been in love with Mini-disc since it came out. It should be the standard, but that's a totally different conversation! Mine has all my music copied to it and besides radio, or satelite radio, that's what I use exclusively. Now for whether you have to use a virtual mode.

NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! But if you would like a good Virtual program, Oracle Virtual Machine can run a different OS as a window in Windows 7 and 8.

F Zero Gx Iso Ntsc J 80s. I think it may even work with Apple in Windows. Again a different conversation. I've been using my 2 net-MD/Hi-MD recorders for years and I installed SonicStage 4.0 on my Windows 8.1 and all I needed to do was install in compatibility mode. It installs with Vista drivers and runs, plays, converts, transfers without any problems at all.

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