Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Endor Dlc Pc Download

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 Endor Dlc Pc Download

Ahem, now that we've gotten that out of the way, allow us to excitedly tell you about the forthcoming DLC that LucasArts just announced (via ). The DLC takes place on planet Endor -- home of the infamously adorable/annoying Ewoks -- during the events of Return of the Jedi.


Mathematics Of Public Key Cryptography Steven Galbraith Pdf Free. LucasArts Singapore executive producer Gio Corsi explains how this fits into the story by comparing it with the previous game's DLC. 'We like to call this an 'infinite storyline,' much like the Hoth Bonus Mission from the first Force Unleashed game that gave us an alternate take on that iconic battle from the Empire Strikes Back.' Corsi also says that players won't be able to bring in their leveled up Starkiller from the main campaign.

Offering pure Star Wars wish fulfilment, The Force Unleashed II's new Endor DLC enables you to take Starkiller into an alternate. Continue the epic Star Wars saga. Download additional content for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II in. Star Wars The Force Unleashed II - Endor DLC.

'We leveled Starkiller differently for the DLC since this adventure falls into the 'infinite universe.' He does have the same abilities as he did in TFU2, which allows Starkiller to start kicking ass right from the get go.' No solid release date was given (it's coming 'later this year') but a LucasArts rep confirmed it'll cost just $1 (oddly, a forthcoming character skin pack is also set at $1).

Description Continue your adventure as the Dark Apprentice, where you can forever change the history of the Star Wars Universe by executing Darth Vader’s orders to crush the Rebels as they mount their assault on Endor. 1 player 246KB minimum save size HDTV screen resolution: 720p DUALSHOCK®3 Download of this product is subject to the Sony Entertainment Network Terms of Service/User Agreement and any specific additional conditions applying to this product.

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