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Select Category STEVENS, J., ARMS COMPANY Current trademark of long arms produced by Savage Arms, Inc. Beginning in 1999, Savage Arms, Inc. Began manufacturing/importing Stevens trademarked guns again, including rifles and shotguns.

Lexware Financial Office Plus 2013 Torrent here. Stevens Arms Company was founded in 1864 at Chicopee Falls, MA as J. Font Mercedes Serial here. Stevens & Co.

'J STEVENS ARMS & TOOL COMPANY' and under that: 'CHICOPEE FALLS, MASS USA'. Most websites say: Value will generally range from $100 to $300 depending on condition with small bore (larger gauge numbers) being worth more. Is there a serial number of any type on the gun?

Charter Arms Serial Number Lookup

In 1886 the name was changed to J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co. In 1916, the plant became New England Westinghouse, and tooled up for Mosin-Nagant Rifles. In 1920, the plant was sold to the Savage Arms Corp. And manufactured guns were marked 'J. Stevens Arms Co.' This designation was dropped in the late 1940s, and only the name 'Stevens' has been used up to 1990.

Depending on the remaining Stevens factory data, a factory letter authenticating the configuration of a particular specimen, along with dates produced may be obtained by contacting Mr. Young Money Rise Of An Empire Deluxe Download Zip. John Callahan (see Trademark Index for listings and address). The charge for this service is $25.00 per gun - please allow 8 weeks for an adequate response. For more Stevens model information, please refer to the Serialization section in the back of this text. From Blue Book Publications.

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