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Suzuki Guitar Serial Number Lookup

Dj Mitsu The Beats Extra Feeding Raritan. A catalog and history of Suzuki Guitars: Kiso Suzuki, Nagoya Suzuki, and M Suzuki. Suzuki Guitar Pictures - Kiso and Nagoya. I came across a Suzuki F-10 guitar, serial # 29169 made by Kiso Suzuki violin company in Japan. The serial number.

Hi, I have a Suzuki Three S (named on the headstock as well as with Three S logo on label inside guitar) dreadnought guitar. I am trying to figure out quite what model it is, and what it is worth for insurance purposes. I know that it was bought around 1976 by my friend, Sandy. I always coveted it from the first time he let me play it - and he left it to me when he died far too young in 1999.

I play it most every day (I used to play a Yamaha, but never touched it again once I restrung the Suzuki). The label has a number (3180) and serial number(?) RM 25537 and says 'Nagoya Japan'. Anyone have any bright ideas how I can pin down model number and monetary value - sentimental value is priceless, and its sound is absolutely gorgeous. Hello, About suzuki G-150, the guitar price was 15.000 Yen in japonese catalogs.

So it was a cheap but good guitar. My father bought the same model new in France in 1981, for a price of 1000 francs, which mean 150 euros now.

So, around 200 $. It was his classical guitar teacher who went with him in the shop and recommended this model to my father after trying it. It's not pricy, i think the top is laminate but good sounding, i really love mine. Greetings from france, and sorry for my english!

PS: here are some catalogs of suzuki folk guitars: Hello Tetsu, I have a Kiso-Susuki Classical Guitar in good condition. On the label it says G-150 80348.

Do you know how much it is worth? I am trying to find the value of the Suzuki mandelin my grandfather brought back from WW two it is the bowl type in very good condition. With the designation of a printed (NO.) and stamped (4). Does this mean it was the 4th one made? It has the original label and still plays fine.: Hi,: I'm tetsu.

Although my english strange, please forgive me. I got W-300 for a week ago and it has a nice sound. May be you know about this information of Kiso Suzuki, but many people uses english don't know about Suzuki well. Because Suzuki is Japanese company.: Kiso Suzuki is old name of it company, now we call 'Suzuki Violin'.

There is Nagoya City Aichi pref. This company is making a violin, a cello, a viola, a contrabass, and mandolin etc. But it's NOT making and repairing a guitar. Because there are no workperson to make a guitar and there are no drawing. This is why a guitar printed 'kiso suzuki' or 'Three S' is very rare.: Suzuki was built by Mr.Suzuki Masakichi.

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