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Searching this forum, I found that I can use.TCW files by installing TurboCAD Windows, opening the.tcw file and saving as.DWG or.DXF, which can then be read on the Mac. Luckily I have WinXP running under VMWare Fusion on this MacBook Pro and can do this. But it seems like a lot of trouble. Is there an easier way to convert about 50.TCW files for TurboCAD Mac v.4 use? If I do convert the.TCW files on Windows, should I use.DWG or.DXF format for output?

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Format Conversion has an array of software tools so you can choose any version or format that you require. You can send us files in any version of TCW and we can convert all your TCW files to DWG format.

(I'm guessing that.TCW is 2D.) TIA, Mike. Sorry, did that. I downloaded TurboCAD PRO 15 for Windows, installed it on WinXP (using VMware Fusion on this MacBook Pro), had to open one of the.tcw files for the add-ins menu to appear, then did a batch conversion to.dwg.

Appeared to work normally. (Also did a batch conversion to.dxf, to see if that worked better). Microeconomics Bernheim Whinston 2008 Edition Hotels there. When I attempted to open a couple of the resulting.dwg files on the Mac side in TurboCAD Pro v4 for Mac, I got an error: '****Cannot read this file**** Incompatible Versions.Aborting' attempting to open or import.dxf files led to the same result. Curiously, Adobe Acrobat (recent version) was able to open the.dwg files:-) Suggestions? Are there options in the batch conversion process (other than choosing the target extension) I should try? Scratch that last message.

Pilot error on my part -- I was trying to 'open' the dxf and dwg files on the Mac, rather than 'imporitng them. When I did 'import', I got the first file OK (other than lots of the lines being invisible, because their pen setting was now white -- doing a select all, set pen to black fixed that). But all 102 batch converted files were the same.

When I opened the first file in TC Pro 15 Win (to get the Add-Ins menu to appear), then did a batch convert of the 102 files, they all ended up being copies of the first! (Seems like a bug to me:-) I suspect I need to creat a blank 'new' file, then do the batch convert. Is that right? (I'll give it a try.) Oh well, making some progress.

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