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Thank you for your input but this is what Intersil has published: Question: Can Intersil provide drivers for my Techwell DVR video capture card? Answer: Our TW68xx, TW28xx and some TW99xx parts were used in PC add-in video capture card applications. Techwell is the manufacturer of the semiconductor video processing chip on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) board you possess.

Techwell Tw6800 Driver Download Win7

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Techwell only provided Windows and Linux driver SDKs to our customers designing with our part as these drivers were not complete drivers for the end application. The OEM would then modify these base drivers to build a full software suite around them including the application software.

Therefore the only recourse we can offer here is for you to contact the vendor that sold you the card or the board (system) manufacturer. Many of these boards were made by OEM's in China and they were not good at putting manufacturer information on them.

So your best recourse would be to contact the company that sold you the capture card and obtain driver support from them as any drivers we would have would not work for you.

The best way to fix your PC to run at peak performance is to update your drivers. Below is a list of our most popular Techwell support software and device drivers. First select the Model Name or Number of your device. Next click the Download button. If you do not find the right match, type the model in the search box below to. You may see different versions.

All Pro Simple Beginner Programming on this page. Choose the best match for your PC. Need more help? Discuss driver problems and ask for help from our community on our.

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