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This article needs additional citations for. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (July 2009) () Chancellor Williams Born ( 1893-12-22)December 22, 1893, Died December 7, 1992 ( 1992-12-07) (aged 98) Providence Hospital in Pen name James Williams Occupation Writer, Historian, Sociologist Nationality America Subject Literary movement Chancellor Williams (December 22, 1893 – December 7, 1992) was an sociologist, historian and writer. He is noted for his work on African civilizations prior to encounters with Europeans; his major work is The Destruction of Black Civilization (1971/1974). Williams remains a key figure in the discourse. He is among historians who assert that was predominantly a civilization. Contents • • • • • • • • • • Early life, migration and education [ ] Williams was born on December 22, 1893, in,, as the last of five children.

His father had been born into and had grown up to gain freedom and voting after the. His mother Dorothy Ann Williams worked as a cook, nurse, and evangelist.

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The family suffered after Democrats regained power in the state legislature in the late 19th century and passed bills, as well as imposing racial segregation and under. Williams' innate curiosity about racial inequality and cultural struggles, particularly those of, began as early as his fifth-grade year. Encouraged by a sixth-grade teacher, he sold, published by the (); and, as well as reading them and using their recommended books to direct his studies. Years later, he was quoted in an interview as saying: 'I was very sensitive about the position of black people in the town.

Destruction Of African Civilization Pdf

I wanted to know how you explain this great difference. How is it that we were in such low circumstances as compared to the whites? And when they answered 'slavery' as the explanation, then I wanted to know where we came from.' [ ] As part of the out of the rural South, the Williams family moved to Washington, DC in 1910. His father hoped for more opportunity there, especially in education, and Williams graduated from Armstrong Technical High School. Williams' mother died in 1925, leaving his father a widower.

All their children were grown by then. After working for a while, Williams entered college at, a. He earned an undergraduate degree in Education in 1930, followed by a Master's in History in 1935. Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Pro Torrent Mac Lightroom.

After completing a doctoral dissertation on the socioeconomic significance of the storefront church movement in the United States since 1920, he was awarded a Ph.D. Digieffects Delirium Serial Mac Os. In sociology by in 1949. International studies [ ] Williams began his studies abroad in England as a visiting professor to the universities of and in 1953 and 1954.

Timber Cruise Excel Programs Spreadsheet. In 1956, he did field research in African history at University College. At that time, his focus was on African achievements and the many self-ruling civilizations which had arisen and operated on the continent long before the coming of Europeans or East Asians. His last study, completed in 1964, covered 26 countries and more than 100 language groupings.

Career [ ] In 1935 Williams started as Administrative Principal for the Cheltenham School for Boys in. Four years later he became a teacher in the Washington, DC public schools. With World War II imminent, he entered the civil service system in the Federal government in 1941, serving as section chief of the, a statistician for War Relocation Board, and an economist in. In 1946 he returned to his alma mater Howard University as a social science instructor, teaching until 1952. He transferred to the history department.

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