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Description What are Theta Waves, and how can they help you? They are high amplitude but slow cycled brain waves that are associated with a state of deep meditation and mindfulness. They are extremely slow, and cycle about 4-7 times per second. Theta Waves is an app that allows you to recreate that sound, helping you meditate deeply. Theta Waves can emitts a waveform at 6 Hz: start the frequency and adjust it to your liking by moving your finger across the slider placed on the sound-wave at the center of the screen. You can start the wave emission by pressing the Theta button on the top left before starting your meditation session; you will notice a significant change in the quality of your meditation while you use it. We strongly suggest the use of headphones or quality speakers while using it. Torrent Wham The Final Dvd.

Theta Waves Mp3

To help you meditate even better, we added several in-App functions. Hoyt Bow Serial Numbers more. You can choose to add 7 different songs and 5 sounds of nature to the Theta Wave to relax and become even more mindful. The built in timer allows you to set how much the app will play. Finally, you can change the background color through your settings: choose among 5 relaxing Theta Wave inspired tones.

Latest Binaural Beat: Pure Serenity – Alpha Brainwave – Download mp3 now for free! Download our latest binaural beat track. This serene and deeply relaxing binaural beat will slip you into a calm and tranquil mood. Tuned to the Theta brainwave frequency, this mp3 will entrain your brainwaves to induce a sensation of. Turquli Serialebi Tanagrznoba. Apr 04, 2008 With advances in brainwave technology headphone free entrainment is easily. Study Music Alpha Waves. Theta Realms.

By purchasing the full version of the app, you can unlock and enjoy all of these functions and improve your experience. We put a lot of thought and passion in creating this app, and we hope that by using it many people will discover the power of brainwave entrainment and isochronic tones. Use it to improve the quality of your meditation. For any suggestions, problems or requests please contact us at

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