Tomtom Chinese Voice Downloads

Tomtom Chinese Voice DownloadsTomtom Chinese Voice Downloads

Hi You just need to copy downloaded voice files to your device. Instructions: 1. Save downloaded folder to your PC, for example in 'C: tomtom voices' 2. Switch on your TomTom and connect it to the computer (USB cable) 3.

Click the Windows Start logo at the bottom left of your screen, then click on 'My Computer' and you should see the your TomTom ( e.g. Devices with Removable Storage with a small icon). Double click on the icon and the TomTom's folder view will open. If you have a folder labelled 'voices', double click it, otherwise you'll need to store you voice files in the root folder (the first folder you see, after following Step 3).

Ignou Ma History Study Material Free Download there. Tomtom Chinese Voice Download Free. 4/3/2017 0 Comments Not all devices support. GPSice, offers a handful of free TomTom voice downloads.

PDA and pocket GPS users with TomTom software may need to copy saved files to folder mobile device/my documents 5. Copy any of the voice files from the folder ( all 3 files: CHK, BMP and VIF) and paste into the folder voices or tomtom root folder (i.e. Copy all the files to that folder: data88.chk and data88.bmp and data88.vif). You can save as many as you want. After pasting the last voice wait about 30 seconds, and then remove your USB cable.

Your tomtom will reboot and you will be able to activate selected voice. To change a voice on your TomTom: 1. Tap the centre of the screen: 2. Tap 'Change Preferences ' 3. Torrent Safecracker Wii Iso more. Click the right arrow, three times. Now select 'Change Voice' 5.

Use the right and left buttons to scroll around your available voices. Computer Ethics 3rd Edition By Deborah G Johnson Pdf To Jpg. Note to pocket GPS and PDA users with TomTom software: In step 4 you may need to save downloaded voices to 'mobile device'/'my documents' Easy.

Anners wrote: I have followed these exact directions and my new downloaded voices are still not appearing as an option. Any thoughts? Open up your vif file in notepad.

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