Van Morrison Moondance Reissue Torrent

The Northern Irish singer Van Morrison has released 38 studio albums, 6 live albums, 6 compilation albums, 4 video albums, and 71 singles. Morrison made his first recording playing saxophone on 'Boozoo Hully Gully' with the International Monarchs in 1962. His first recording session as lead singer/songwriter with Them. Belfast singer Van Morrison has declared war on Warner Brothers Records after deciding that this is not a marvellous night for a Moondance re-issue.

Warner has finally released a trio of highly anticipated releases from Van Morrison on 180 gram vinyl. Moondance is a beloved record to many and has always sounded so much better on vinyl than on cd. This reissue, mastered by the crackerjack team of Kevin Gray and sounds great. Definitely more of an 'audiophile' experience than the original, many of the instruments can be heard with greater detail and separation than on previous releases. The standout track is the title track where one really hears the pluck of the upright bass and the strings of the acoustic guitar.

Van Morrison Moondance

For all of the extra detail, however, there is still something missing compared to the olive green original and the reissue has an added fullness in the upper-bass/lower-mids that isn't present in the original pressing. Nonetheless, this reissue sounds very, very good and is likely better than any issue on cd or vinyl save an original olive green copy.

Astral Weeks 180 gram vinyl Astral Weeks was Van's second release and has gathered a bit of mythology behind it over the years. This reissue was mastered by Kevin Gray and has a detailed, yet balanced sound that is every bit as good as the original Seven Arts olive green vinyl. This title is a bit of a rarity and early examples are seldom found in clean condition. Given that rarity and the superb mastering job by Gray, this reissue is a must buy and is highly recommended. His Band and the Street Choir 180 gram vinyl His Band and the Street Choir is the third title released by Warner in this series. While not quite as beloved as the other two titles, there are many fans of this record who will welcome a clean, quiet pressing of the record mastered by Kevin Gray.

Although I haven't yet listened to this one, one can expect the same quality mastering that can be found on Astral Weeks.

In the summer of 1983, needing a break from my high-paying, but totally dead-end job at Kodak in Rochester, I asked for a month off and got it – and I bought my 19 yr old self a plane ticket and Euro-Rail Pass and set off to Europe. Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Iso Download Free Full Version. I brought a Walkman and just ONE cassette tape with me; Van Morrison’s Moondance album. Vw Beetle Serial Number Decoder. Here was an album that was both a sedative and crystal meth for the long days and nights I spent on trains. I was too young and too cheap at that point to ever consider getting a hotel room; I slept on the train whenever possible. (Although I did do my fair share of ‘youth hostels’ of course).

Van’s blend of R&B, Celtic Soul, traditional folk music and what not made for great ‘chill out’ music on the train – and I clearly remember after a whole sleepless night, stepping off the train somewhere in the middle of Germany on a bright sunny Saturday morning – I felt hung over from the lack of sleep and the sun was killing me with its brightness. I wanted to pass out. When I stuck the “ Moondance” cassette into my walkman – and the upbeat groove of “Come Running” hit my ears it perked me up a like a nice hit of speed. All was right with the world for at least the next hour, til I sorted out my next destination. When I arrived back in Rochester, I bought a copy of Van’s 1974 double live album It’s Too Late To Stop Now at the Record Theatre. I transferred this LP to cassette and the meditative mood of “Listen To The Lion” made those long hours at Kodak seem a little more bearable.

By this point, Absolute Grey was in full swing and I wasn’t known around town as a Van Morrison fan, but for worshipping at the temple of the Velvet Underground. I clearly remember Bob Martin being surprised when I mentioned that I’d been digging deep into Van. A bit later, I compared notes about Van with Steve Dollar – and he recalled an amazing Mardi Gras in New Orleans when him and a bunch of pals spent the whole time driving around town, partying their asses off and cranking It’s Too Late To Stop Now on the car cassette player. An evening spent at Dollar’s apartment saw me leaving with a tape of Veedon Fleece and A Night At The Belfast Opera House.

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