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Hi All I have developed a very complex business simulation (over several years) using Excel with some VB macros. I would now like to develop this as a standalone application (without the Excel branding). I have tried recreating the simulation as a Visual Studio project but the programming task is enormous without the benefit of cells, formulas, sheets, etc. That Excel is so good. Does anyone know of a software product that has the cell and formula functionality of Excel but with the form design, compiling and deployment features of Visual

Hope you can help. Regards Terry. This is more of a VS6 thing but idea should work in VS2008 (imo) (1) Open Executable VB project (2) In object browser check Excel application object to include it in your project(or help to find exact method). Tagrunner 2 1 6400 Keygen Torrent there.

(3) in form module enter code as below: Private Sub My_Legacy_App() Command1.Caption = 'WORKING.' Dim xlmod As Excel.Application Set xlmod = New Excel.Application 'Open target file 'get_trk = App.Path & ' ' & myfile.xls get_trk = 'C ' & myfile.xls xlmod.Workbooks.Open FileName:=get_trk 'ActiveWindow.Caption = 'My killer App' 'change caption xlmod.Caption = 'Brazil' 'change caption 'Do whatever you need to do here. ' When done code below to quit 'This section simulates file save, 'closes the Excel application, 'release the xlmod object, pop-up 'Done' message and finally close kbut application xlmod.ActiveWorkbook.Saved = True xlmod.Quit Set xlmod = Nothing End Sub Select all Just fiddle around with idea and good luck with that! More than a few solutions exist here. The easiest way to go about it uses the Microsoft Excel Object library, or pure COM object returned from createObject function, with the former described the following MSDN article (

The Microsoft.Office.Interop library might also be of use, but either solution does not create a standalone application, per se, just automates Excel. The third solution requires transforming the Excel VBA classes, modules, subroutines, and functions into VB.Net.

Fortunately, this is somewhat easy because VB.Net is not so different. Most of the VBA syntax will likely work without conversion. A few pointers: Wrap all Excel VBA classes in the following: Class MyClass End Class Module Module1 End Module 2. Use the Interop Library to call Excel or use a custom class for holding input data 3. If using Excel formulas, convert those into VB.Net functions 4. Display data using datagridview controls 5. Store and manage data using datatables, set this as the data source for your datagridview control.

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