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Nov 21, 2012 Download Windows XP 2011 Black Edition Full version,download software full version n game full for free. Microsoft to end Windows XP support April 8. Image 2 of 8. Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates (left) and Windows Vice President Jim Allchin introduced the XP.

David, You may need a new, scratch-free CD version of the game. If available, attempt to install your current disk on a desktop equipped with Live 2000 or ME or one of the other archaic operating systems ('95, '98). If, post-installation, you receive a similar error message ('unhandled exception'/'stack trace'), purchase a clean copy of 2000 and install on your operating system of choice; you should be able to find a packaged version of the game at or such a web-based retailer. In past years, and on at least two separate occassions, purchasing and installing a new copy of the game has solved this problem for me. Symptom(s): NBA Live 2000* game crashes after introductory movie sequence Error: 'NBA Live Exception Handler: Unhandled Exception 0xC0000005 occurred at address 0x6000C328 stack trace unavailable'.

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Cause: The game appears to limit the total number of texture formats. An error occurs when using graphics controllers/adapters which exceed the game's forced limit. Solution: Intel is not aware of a fix or workaround for this issue. Contact the game manufacturer for further updates, patches, or support.

That's what I found. That's from intel's side. I've got the same problem and it's all because we've got noINTELingent graphic card:/ and there is nothing we can do about it. The Black Keys Discography Torrent 2012. Posts: 1 Joined: Mon Dec 29, 2008 2:43 pm. 0xC000065 seems to be a problem with Ref Referee in the.dbf's.

The error occurs when loading up a game, the players all load okay (indicated in the NBATEMP temporary drawer) and the last file part reported accessed in the dump is a referee part. I used the Ref Referee's from the original file and it works. The referee part of the.dbf are those with the team number 38. Better late than never. (I thought I was responding to a thread from 2002, didn't realize how recent this was.) Posts: 173 Joined: Fri Aug 29, 2008 2:00 pm. Hello guys i have been looking for my old nba live 2000 game for a while, and today i finally found it.

Happy and nostalgic about the whole thing, i put the old (little dusty) cd in my pc and start installing. Then when i wanted to play the game, i got the 'Unhandled Exception 0xC0000005 occurred at address 0x6000C328 stack trace unavailable'. Problem like others on this thread have mentioned already. My pc is from 2004 with windows xp, so it's well up for a game like nba live2000 i looked around on this forum for tips, there was one other post that said you should try changing the compitability in the nba live folder to windows 2000 (i searched for it, and mine was set on windows 95) but that still didn't work. I then tried to uninstall and then re-install the game, but what happens now is after 9% of installing the game, i get a message saying 'error copying files' and then everything just closes down. So is there still no solution to this issue? I never thought it would be so difficult to play an old game.jeez Posts: 5 Joined: Mon Apr 20, 2009 4:21 am.

Pdub wrote:The CD may be too scratched to be read. Your installation may have been corrupted the first time and that may be why it was getting the exception. Well, the cd is a little scratched, but not that much. I don't think the installation got corrupted the first time since it got installed without any problem (although now it freezes at 9% already). The exception notice came when the intro image with all the legend players popped up.

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